Try Starting Your Day Like This…

Here we are in a new year, with the promise of a new day. New days. New years.


Earlier this week, my dear friend Oprah Winfrey delivered a powerful speech about a new day being on the horizon. I love that imagery, I love her, and I love that truth.

I, for one, believe this new day is already here, and that its arrival will make 2018 our best year yet. (Read NY Times columnist Nick Kristof’s excellent piece about why 2017 was also the best year yet for humanity. It will really make you think.)

Last week, I wrote that my intention for this new year is to lead from a place of love. Shifting my perspective in that way has already enabled me to make another unexpected shift — one that is changing my day-to-day life for the better. Now, instead of waking up each day and saying, “I ‘have to’ go to work… I ‘have to’ write something smart and insightful… I ‘have’ to meet with so-and-so…,” I have decided to turn my “have to’s” into “I get to’s.”

Bam! Everything has shifted since doing that. Now, I wake up and tell myself, I get to experience this new day! I get to go to work! I get to interview Architects of Change like Joe Biden and Dr. Valter Longo — both who I sat down with this week and whose conversations I share with you in today’s Sunday Paper.

I also get to spend time with my kids. I get to take a walk. I get to formulate new dreams for this new day and this new year. How blessed am I? How blessed are all of us for whom these things are still possible?

The list of my “get to’s” goes on and on. I get to wake up in the greatest country on earth. I get to support a free press. I get to exercise my right to vote. I get to use my voice in areas that are important to me (like fighting Alzheimer’s through my nonprofit, The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement).

I get to imagine my vision for this new day. I get to evolve and grow and learn. Yes, I get to learn new things every day, if I so choose.

Virginia Woolf once wrote that a person who isn’t evolving or growing isn’t alive. I couldn’t agree more. The world we all inhabit couldn’t be more alive. And, thank God, its citizens couldn’t be more awake

I feel like we’re really awake to what is going on around us. We’re awake to the injustices our fellow citizens face. We’re awake to a changing climate. We’re awake to inequity and to a changing gender dynamic. We’re awake to the tragedy that is happening in my home state of California right now, where 17 are dead and many more are missing. This story, which I don’t feel has gotten enough attention, reminds us of how fragile life can be. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.”



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