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Brushstrokes: A season of gratitude and culinary hugs (soup!)


The light is changing, the days have become shorter and I’m busy stocking my refrigerator and freezer with soup. In the Studio, I’m selecting and hanging paintings for our Winter Open Studios (see below)—all in all, feeling more and more like a little squirrel with gleaming eyes burying her acorns and hickory nuts for the winter ahead. 

There’s also a growing feeling of gratitude for the lives we are privileged to live, for the beauty of the earth and the sky, the bounty of the harvest, and the love of family and friends as Thanksgiving approaches. 


During this time of year when we gather at our tables to nourish ourselves, our families, and communities, soup is the ultimate culinary hug to give and receive, especially when the world feels like it’s spinning just a bit too fast.   

Below is one of my go-to recipes, Clean Out The Fridge Soup. It’s a template that’s so versatile! Just follow this culinary color wheel I came up with: orange (carrots and sweet potato), tan (parsnip), and green (kale, although you could use chard or spinach). Throw in a can of tomatoes and a tablespoon of tomato paste from the pantry, along with some quinoa, rice, or farro plus favorite spices and you have a scrumptious soup!


Find more recipes with all the colors in the rainbow in 
my Recipe Box and @rebeccakatzyum Instagram. 


A Special Invitation to Those in the Bay Area 

I’m happily getting ready for Winter Open Studios! This unique event features 100 talented Bay Area Artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, fabric artists, and jewelers all under one roof in the historic Industrial Center Building (ICB) in Sausalito, California.   

Please visit me in my sun-drenched studio looking over the bay (Studio 250) for a chat about food and art. Below are just a few of the paintings that will be hanging on my studio walls for this event.

“Light of Day,” 12”x24” framed. One of the many paintings that will be on view at Winter Open Studios this year.

For More Information go to:


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