Building Circuits: Awakening Through A Vibrational Frequency

atom-abstract-scientific-background-picture-id934061146 Building Circuits: Awakening Through A Vibrational Frequency

If you’ve ever attended my Energy Codes® coursework, watched a video of mine or heard me on an interview, you’ve probably heard me mention, “building circuits” more than a few times. I speak about circuits and building circuits frequently for this reason: the amount of energetic circuits we create in our body is the key to living an expansive and magnificent life.

But what are circuits exactly, and why do we need to build them?

Building Circuitry from the Authentic Self

When we come into this world, we are born with a certain amount of circuitry in place that affects our experience of this world.

Based on our unique circuitry present when we are born, we begin to develop a particular, and often times limited, way of interacting with everything and everyone around us. Our innate responses to life and others – whether it be parents, teachers, bosses or friends - are all based upon the circuitry established in our system from an early age. It’s as if the specific set of circuitry present in our system determines how we see and react to the world, which then reinforces those same beliefs and experiences, thereby strengthening the existing circuitry.

The issue with this determined and reinforced patterns of behavior is that the circuitry wasn’t built by our authentic, true, Soulful Self, but from our protective or false self, or our ego.

Our ego is simply the part of ourselves that functions from a limited awareness of the world and is in place to protect us. (I like to call it our “protective personality” because people don’t seem to mind having a “protective” personality, but not too many people like having an “ego.”)

With our protective personality, we have an image of who we are, how things are supposed to go, and how we're supposed to perform in the world. All of these opinions and self-identified beliefs are based upon what we think we should be doing. As we progress through life - go through school, step into the work world, develop relationships, and so on – we tend to engage with the outer world based on a limited version of who we really are.

The reason we aren’t able to live as our authentic, true self all the time is because we haven’t built the circuits to tap into it on a day-to-day basis.

If we had the energetic circuits in place to awaken to and access our true self, we would be able to live from a constant flow of knowingness in our lives, courageously speaking our truth with every breath and living from our own authentic heart-of-hearts.

Living from our true self, we would feel completely whole and at peace with the world as well as our place within it.

To tap into this truth, we have to build a way of living that allows us to be in constant touch with that part of ourselves. We must maintain this connection so we don't ever fall back into our protective personality, the one that is hypervigilant and always looking to the outer world to see if we're okay.

We build and maintain that connection to our truthful self by building energetic circuits in our body.

Understanding How to Build Circuits

There are two systems that run our bodies. One is an electromagnetic energy system and the other one is the central nervous system.

We often hear doctors and health professionals talk about the central nervous system because it’s a part of our physical body and something we can see, touch and study. We rarely hear about the electromagnetic energy system however, because it’s something that can’t be perceived with the naked eye.

This is unfortunate, because the electromagnetic energy system is actually the one that built and controls the central nervous system. This means, if we can learn to master the electromagnetic system, we can master the central nervous system as well.

The electromagnetic energy system has to do with the part of ourselves we can't really put our finger on, but can sense around our bodies at times. For example, have you ever been sitting and working on your computer and, without hearing or seeing anything, you sense someone is there? When you turn around, you see in fact that someone is standing behind you. The reason this occurred is because this person stepped into your electromagnetic energy field. You could feel them because the electromagnetic energy field is much bigger than, and extends much farther than, your physical body.

It is made of channels of flowing energy, referred to in the Eastern traditions as the Meridians, Nadis or the Sushumna. These energy channels affect the physical body by impacting the central nervous system and our interpretation of life.

The central nervous system has channels of nerve impulses with synapses of neurons carrying messages in a linear fashion from one nerve to the next. If the electromagnetic energy system is chaotic, dispersed, weakened or agitated, it keys the nervous system to be on-guard and to sense that something is not safe. This causes us to start looking around with our five senses to figure out: Am I safe? Do I hear anything? Do I see anything? What's happening?

So, the circuits running through the electromagnetic system act as a communications system. Most people have been living on a certain amount of circuitry based on survival, which is only 20-30% of what they’re capable of experiencing. By building more energetic circuits in our system (which in turn raises our vibrational frequency), we can begin to expand our experience of the life we live and fully awaken to the Truth of who we are – absolutely whole and perfect.

Building Circuits for An Expansive Life

If we want to be able to build more communication pathways – or circuits - in our overall system, we must spend more time as a creative self instead of spending all our time as our survivor self.

We have to start living in a way that allows us to be creative and empowered and begin generating our life experiences instead of waiting for someone else to create something for us. We have to stop waiting for someone else to bring us something we enjoy so that we can have an enjoyable life or stop waiting for someone to act in a way we don’t like so we can use our resistance to figure out who we are and what we stand for. Either way, we end up sitting around waiting for our life to begin, and that’s not our destiny. This is not the type of life for which we were built.

We came to this life to have a creative expression in the world and to experience and generate heaven on earth.

If we’re not awake and experiencing a sense of heaven on earth, it’s because our electromagnetic energy system isn't flowing in an organized way. It isn’t generating a strong enough impulse to trigger our nervous system to build the synapses and wiring of nerve impulses to ground, anchor and, most importantly, to sustain it.

Creating Sustainable Circuits

The central nervous system has the ability to have a conscious and a subconscious set of circuits that constantly run our lives. What many don’t realize is that the subconscious set of circuits – the part we're not really in touch with or aware of – is the part that's driving our lives.

This is why we so often lose touch with that New Year's Eve resolution we came up with, or that inspiring vision we have for ourselves. We place images on our vision board in the hopes it will manifest, but we soon fall out of the flow and get distracted from where we really wanted to go. The reason for that is we don’t have enough circuitry to anchor our awareness in a consistent enough fashion for it to manifest.

Without enough circuitry, we end up starting over again all the time. We constantly have new ideas and grand ideas of the life we would love to be living. We make plans and become excited, but then a few months down the road, we don't even remember having that amazing vision. We make a New Year's resolution and within a few weeks or months, we don't even remember we made it, what it was, or the details of how magnificent it felt when we first starting planning it.

To accomplish these type of life goals, we have to build the circuitry, or pathways of communication, to be able to acknowledge it, ignite it, and sustain it long enough that it can actually manifest in our lives.

What I teach in my Energy Codes coursework is how to complete the loops of our goals and build the neuro-circuitry to sustain our visions that come from our true, authentic self. The feeling and inspiration come from deep within our core where our true self resides.

The empowered reality that awaits us is there all the time. The issue is, we haven't had the circuits in place to be able to perceive it.

We have to learn to build circuits to awaken to and live the life we’re meant to be living.

We begin building circuits by building a sensory awareness at the core of our being that allows us to reference this sensation constantly. We must always be in touch with the gut, in touch with our heart of hearts and our own deep wisdom that's already been collected in our lives.

If that's not happening, then something needs to be done. More circuits need to be built.

So, if you long to live a life of joy, ease and freedom, one where you are awakened as your true, essential self or, if you have a hard time with follow through or completing the loops on the grand visions and dreams in your life, then it’s time to build more circuits in your system.

I invite you to tune into The Energy Codes and learn to tap into the tremendous wisdom and wealth of information that is waiting for you to learn how to build more circuitry and begin living the life of your dreams.

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