It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Come Home To The Love Of Your Soul

heart Come Home To The Love Of Your Soul

As we float in a kind of weightless limbo, not sure if we’re celebrating or mourning, one thing is clear: this is different! I mean we’ve all experienced strange times but this seems to pull at the soul in an undeniable way as if calling us back to remember a promise made eons ago.

Faint as it may be, something yet still must die. Feels like a funeral to me. A kind of deep, inner, archetypal mourning for the death of a mixed past filled with love and hate, horror and ecstasy that must be cleared from the cosmic memory in order for the ‘back to the future’ Eden we’ve been meditating on, to emerge.

If the dissolving Piscean Age was a Broadway play, we’re in the last act! Where the actors of the Martyr, Saint, Sufferer scene, having brought so much pain to such innocence, get their due rewards as the audience is freed from that theater and released out into an expanse without borders like judgement or tyranny, once able to suppress a soul, now turned to dust.

I think we’re completing something we began in 2012, our transition from human to divine! Who’s on board?

In this current parenthesis of time so graciously gifted us from the Divine Herself, what’s coming up on our inner screen of life is the new, personal template seeded in the heart for a time such as this. Like dehydrated higher visions, we just add the unique energies of NOW and poof, the new form of who we really always were, starts to become more self-evident!

Don’t let that frighten you if it is. Instead try and get excited about the possibility of peace, fun and fulfillment through an authentic expression no longer qualified by ‘not good enough’ or conditioned by a small, troublesome voice once planted way back in your most vulnerable times. 

Being free, who do we get to be now? That’s what we have the rest of this incarnation to ease, breath and dance into!

Like an extended summer vacation at Camp Love, we get to move through our homes and our days, hopefully catching up on some interests deemed too frivolous to take time for in the past. And as you do, you are doing yourself a great service and The Mother of All smiles on you for heeding Her Call!

Putting your ‘Internal Self’ first is more precious than you may have imagined for that sovereign right was literally torn from us, the Children of Light and replaced with a nervous fear that comes from not knowing who we are. Kept in that state for millennia, we perpetrated and received all manner of abuse, all of which stops now as we locked in our houses, catch up on what matters most.

Birthing contractions are what you are feeling, rejoice! For after the funeral of the dead is observed, cast off and the last tears wiped from your biological memory of the Piscean Drama whose curtain now gratefully falls, then the great Expansion Ceremony of New Life on Earth will be celebrated and together we will dance into the Son. 

For now, all circumstance is meant to be dealt with. It doesn’t go away. Even though I think it will get ‘better,’ there’s no guarantee it will, not now, not ever! What I mean is, our lives, bodies, health and circumstances have no real inherent stability. We’re convinced they do, but sadly, they do not.

Crises accelerates the movement towards our aspirations. The mindful seeker knows that in crises we get to see things more closely to how they really are: tentative and impermanent! But this fragile state of being has a holistic and organic way of developing our inner knowing and what if that’s why we’re here!

I believe that a primary endeavor of the reflective yogi (one on that inner path) is to realize our impermanence on the one hand and to spend life in the discovery of that which doesn’t change on the other: that which is permanent and eternal.

So, seek out what remains. That opportunity becomes more available in times of great crises, like NOW! We’ve got plenty of time. Time now you feel you might have wasted in the past?

But you never wasted anything, all you have ever done has been needed to get all of us here and there is no-thing outside of that in truth. Everything is always changing for the good! And that’s a blessing and a gift from God’s universal love for Her creation.

Try not to attach to things from the past as the past wants to be jettisoned and replaced with your unconditional love for yourself in the present, eternal now: that which is unchanging, that which remains.

That’s the work at this time. That’s why we are all sequestered at home. It reminds us of an innocent love lost. It’s time to remember home. Come home to the love of your soul. ~xomk~

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