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Rhubarb Celli Ripieni – Old School Jam Cookies from Abruzzo

Rhubarb Celli Ripieni Old School Jam Cookies from Abruzzo
There are still a few spots left in our Abruzzo Forage and Cook Retreat in Italy this coming October! We thought we would talk a bit more about the vegan menu that we were able to develop for this retreat, as well as share a traditionally vegan cookie recipe from Abruzzo.

Traveling through Italy as a vegan (and in some cases even as a vegetarian) can be rough. Sure, you will be able to get by ok, but you will also inevitably miss out on a ton of truly authentic and delicious dishes, and may even end up eating more than a few mediocre vegan meals. We’re speaking from experience. That’s why we initially planned our retreat to be strictly vegetarian – we didn’t think we could pull off a vegan menu in such a remote region as Abruzzo. But so many of you expressed an interest in a 100% vegan menu, that we had to rethink the whole thing.

Thankfully, our partner Anna is an Abruzzo local. She was able to take a deep dive into the food traditions of Abruzzo and search for any and all plant-based options. She consulted with local farmers, food artisans, and restaurant owners, and it became very clear that a vegan menu is totally possible (we are still offering a vegetarian option, too). A wealth of plant-based ingredients grows in Abruzzo: ancient grains, indigenous pulses, organic fruit and vegetables, wild greens and herbs, truffles and porcini mushrooms. We will be cooking and tasting them all! It’s going to be so magical, and it’s truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

Click to read on for more about the retreat and, of course, the super cute cookies 

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