It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Create Your Own Magic For A Stress Free Life

relaxingwithbook Creating Your Own Magic for a Stress Free Life
We are all happy to realize that although stress is constantly building up within, if we are consciously keeping ourselves in an awareness mode, we know that stress relief is also so much within our own hands. 

One is so often bombarded with so many alternatives in terms of stress relievers. Yet, I personally feel that for each one of us,  there is this one factor that could calm us down. It has to be something that resonates with our inner core. It is all about connecting to that one factor and moving on with clearing our own inner selves. 


Lots of times people have this constant question, " Could you please give us one short stress relief tip" this sounds so easy,  as if it's a magic word I need to decipher for them. But honestly personally I do believe life is magical, if we allow it to be. It's up-to you to create your own magic. It is only " We" who can decide what to create, and how to create it. Making a magic potion to relieve our stress levels is our responsibility. 


I would actually just say,  "Go and find it". Why are we always looking for answers from others. We each one of us, need to find our own light. Build our own confidence levels so high,  that the answer on how to relieve your own stress levels, comes from within.


Once your inner demons have settled down, and learnt to relax, the answer will, naturally flow towards you. It is only with the constant tug of war inside of you,  that you manage to build your stress. Find your own particular demon, and slay him with a positive thought. This will bring you true freedom from stress. 


A lot of times, our clear thinking attitude is clogged. As the body's stress response is changing constantly, it makes it difficult, to think with absolute clarity. When this happens, you can be saddled with a lot of wrong decisions up your sleeve. Sometimes you can't see the solutions.


A lot of times we just remain happy with quick fix thinking. This seems to be a convenient answer, as it relieves us of the notion of stress for that particular moment. 

But this really is not very adequate. As we must remember, that if not handled at the root, stress will keep showing up in various ways in our lives. 


Getting yourself to move away from a stress zone is essential. So if we can manage that, and get our attention to be involved elsewhere, then we are so very blessed. 


Regular exercise, taking a walk in nature, playing games, enjoying with friends, can prove to be a very powerful stress reducer. Exercise releases endorphins in the body. This actually also changes the physiological mix in our body. Hang on to these highs, they are natural and free. Cultivated and learnt stress relief measures, sometimes in themselves, could be reasons for further stress. 


Optimism, can be the best stress reliever. Get rid of the pessimist in you and learn to enjoy a newer level of optimistic happiness. 


This is very essential, as otherwise threats seem to trigger a stress response within.


An optimist will always see a threat as a challenge. Get the most amount of mileage from a threat by looking at it as an opportunity.  


Once you have realized that true happiness is all that you really desire. The goal appears clearly in front.You just need to start walking the path towards joy.
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