It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Creating a New Pattern of Joy & Happiness

It is essential to empower yourself. The past few months have perhaps eroded a lot of people's sense of joy and happiness, as they have been denied the  see and touch feel of the human connect.

For self growth, connection is very important. To feel alive and joyous, every human likes the feel of a level of connecting with another. That's why it has been said "Man is a social animal" he needs interaction for self growth and happiness.

These past few months have tested everyone's patience and have actually led to a new level of thought. Yet another way of perceiving the situation is that, many of the people turned inwards into a journey of self discovery, which in turn leads to self growth.

But despite a high level of awareness and a raised level of consciousness, lots of mankind was forced by their own negative self thinking pattern, to get into a depression. One negative thought led to another, until a spiralling effect was created.

This indeed is the most powerful slogan in the current times . No matter what is happening in the areas around you or even on the Globe, getting overwhelmed by any situation shows a lack of courage and stability. In order to counter these negative forces, one needs some self empowering slogans for help.
Belief is a thought in your mind. Whatever you believe in, you can create Life is a gathering of your beliefs in a realistic grounding.
This comes with the understanding of the knowledge of, the working of the sub conscious. Keep the faith going to manifest your reality.

The power of prayer is the greatest power. Choose a mental picture, unite emotionally and mentally with it. Remain faithful to your mental attitude until your prayer is answered.

Imagine the desired result and create the feeling within yourself. You will attract and materialize whatever you desire.

It is essential that your mind stays calm.Thoughts of health, vitality and perfection, operate through the universal mind and will manifest in you and in whomsoever you require. Believe in perfect health and prosperity, so that peace, wealth and the Divine guiding hand remains with you.

Your subconscious can heal your body and prosper you. It can solve all your problems. All your experiences, whether a new friendship, a birthday party, winning a prize, etc bring you happiness, but it is not lasting. It is a transitory happiness.

Trusting the power and the wisdom of the subconscious is like a faith and trust in God. You radiate love, peace and goodwill to all, and build a structure to happiness. 

Create a conscious effort for Divine love to enfold you, keep you happy, calm and peaceful. 

Be a spiritual and mental magnet, attracting to yourself, all things that bless and prosper you. Affirm that "I am going to be happy" 
Make it a habit to choose happiness and attract it. People have a tendency to develop patterns of depression and find a comfort zone in that. Change this pattern, create a new pattern of joy and happiness.

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