Creating Form for an Experience


Playdough. You know, that putty-like stuff you turn into things? . . . well, that’s YOU! The playdough is light and what you’ve created is . . .oh, just everything in reality!  

Everything is light made into form to deliver you an experience. For example, you may have an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend that in their essential selves are light that you turned into a form to deliver you the experience of what love isn’t. Some of you took light and turned it into the form of a present partner who is delivering the experience of what love is. Ultimately, you are at the source of the experience. 

What keeps you on this hamster wheel of needing to experience form and phenomenon is the false notion, perpetuated, that you need to ‘wake up’ through experiences, that you have to have experiences in order to awaken and that awakening is a process, a journey, an unfolding.  Maybe it isn’t. Maybe your enlightenment, your divinity, your connection, isn’t a destination. Maybe you can’t arrive somewhere you aren’t already at. 

It has to be present in you in order to have even momentarily fleeting experiences of it. You are the source of it. 

When you recognize that everything is light and transformed into form, and you created that to deliver you an experience, you are awake. Now that you don’t have this relational form of ascension and evolution, there’s no more suffering. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.

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