It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Creating Our Reality Every Moment That We Live

creatingreality Creating Our Reality Every Moment That We Live
The responsibility of leading a stress free life is totally our own. In order to turn our dreams to reality, we need to find what it will take for us to get there. We do know that it is completely up to us to realize and understand, that we need to change our fundamental way of thinking.


Transformation is not really a future event. It is actually the present activity that stimulates what is coming on.  

"If you change nothing,  nothing will change "

All the resources one requires for change always exist within. It is one's own personal perspective to recognize and utilize them. 


We need to realize that dynamic personal change is the key to a newer empowered life. Taking control of our lives is the essential ingredient that will take us towards that sphere.


We need to remember not to exercise this habit. We, many a time have an intrinsic habit of waiting for something special to happen, to lift us from our temporary uncomfortable scenario. This is an unhealthy habit leading to stress. 


Energetically we create our reality every moment that we live.The present is our window of opportunity. It opens us to our option of choosing a new approach that could change our lives. 

There are so many moments we ignore.  Many a time the Universe offers us beautiful and relaxing moments,  but we are too busy to notice them.  For example, it could be a lovely sunset or a beautiful garden we could appreciate,  but we tend to overlook this as unimportant and irrelevant and keep seeking higher pleasures. 


 If we keep worrying about the future, or ruminating over the past,  we loose the potential of the present moment. We need to constantly live in the present moment in order to create a relaxed state of mind. 


This is actually the most valuable vibration in your personal field.This signifies the intention of living in gratitude.This also means that there is within us a willingness to notice all good things, and a desire to experience life with this attitude of gratitude. 

It's an energetic necessity for our daily life,  to resonate with awareness and gratitude. It is only then that we can experience true joy. 


Every single time that you experience happiness,  you're actually being grateful to the Universe. The more you resonate with thankfulness, the more you create a happy life. Your energy of gratitude will only attract more happiness to appreciate in the future. 


This sounds extremely simple,  but it is the best way for our energy to shift from agitated resistance to willing receptivity. 
It will also turn our need for competition into compassion, and our obsession for possession to appreciation. 


You need to search for reasons to be grateful for deep within your own self. By practicing consistent and constant appreciation,  you will see dynamic shifts in your levels of happiness. 


Your life will have greater value when you learn to appreciate it yourself. Create a real consciousness of the quality of your days.  Choose to experience joy in the present moment. This means your jubilant energy will magnetize much more, to enjoy in the future. 


Joyous appreciation is an important energy. It is the warm feeling of grateful acceptance. It is a way of loving yourself and choosing to find gladness in all you do. 

For your own happiness you need to find many wonderful things to be happy about each day. Choose to increase your focus  on appreciation and self acknowledgement Become more conscious of all that you must be thankful for each day, and live with gratitude. 

Be relaxed, happy and peaceful. This is a state of grateful appreciation. Choose to find gladness and Joy in everything you do. 
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