It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Creativity is Your Destiny

modern-work-table-with-computer-laptop-and-cityscapes-view-from-picture-id1093508248 Creativity is Your Destiny

When it comes to the idea of creativity, many operate from a very limited view of what “creativity” entails. In the 30-plus years working with patients and students, I’ve heard people say: “I’m not very creative. I’m not really the artistic type.”

Creativity is so much more than artistic talents or mindsets associated with painters, musicians and other creative types. The truth is, the entirety of the universe is made of creative energy. There is nothing that is not made of creative essence.

If you take the entire universe and begin compressing it down, science shows us this compressed version of energy is you. This means, you’re not only intended to be creative; you are made of creativity. Additionally, if science were to break down the physical world we’re living in, it would find that photons, the smallest, tiniest particle known, are completely influenced by our very whims. Each time we think a thought, those photons move and rearrange in accordance with that thought.

That’s how creative we are. That’s how creative you are.

The following story is an example of how powerful our creative force can be when we choose to live from that truth.


What Would You Do If You Didn’t Know?

Earlier in my career, I was on the phone in a consultation with a gentleman who was coaching me. Despite having attained significant success in my career, I felt very unfulfilled and I was seeking guidance with how to move forward in a different manner.

During our phone conversation, this gentleman asks, “What would you be doing with your life if it was the ideal life? If you could be living anything exactly the way you wanted, what would that be like?”

I was saddened to realize I had no idea how to answer him. I had never thought about my life in that way. Up until that point in my life and career, I was simply doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.

When I answered that I didn’t know, he then said something that changed my mind’s perspective entirely. He asked, “What would you do if you did know?”

Without having to think, I spontaneously responded with, “Well, if I did know that answer, I’d say something like: I’d be teaching beautiful meditation and self-healing retreats on beautiful beachfront destinations around the world.'”

Hearing my answer, he instructed me to write it down. I scribbled those words into a notebook and stuck it in my drawer. After the phone call, I returned to treating patients and never really thought about it again.

Years later, I was moving offices and had to pack up my desk. Cleaning out the drawers, I came across the notebook and opened it to the exact page I had written the words in years earlier. Looking once again at those words, I was dumbfounded. In two days I was leaving to teach my very first meditation and self-healing retreat at a beautiful beachfront destination in Mexico. It was what I had dreamt of and wanted to do, and it had manifested.


Tapping Your Creativity

I hadn’t driven my dream of teaching meditation and self-healing retreats as a plan. I had simply allowed my creativity to rise. The gentleman on the phone had given me permission to not limit myself simply because I didn’t know how it was going to come into existence. Not having an immediate answer to his question, I just rolled out a random answer as if I was, “shooting from the hip.”

When we “shoot from the hip,” or act or say something spontaneously, what we’re inherently doing is acting from our second Chakra energies. The second Chakra, located in the lower part of our bodies in the hip area, is considered our creative womb and the place from where creativity rises.

Every time we allow ourselves to “shoot from the hip,” or to just make it up, we are tapping into our innate creative energy. Acting in this way, you are actually generating more of those energies and stepping into your role as creator. When we get the mind to recognize and act upon this intuitive creative process, we are in our true power. And, when we’re in our creative power, we are an influence the world is looking for.


Creativity is Life-Force Energy

What science reveals for us today, gives us permission to begin tapping our creative source and resources. As we do, we begin to see ourselves for who we are – pure creative force. Maybe we’re not the artist who paints on a canvas or composes symphonies of melodic music. But, every time we decide to show up in a life situation or in a manner different than how we’ve shown up before, every time we “shoot from the hip,” we’re tapping the same creative resource that the beautifully accomplished artist is tapping.

If you feel tired and that you have no passion or are missing a lusciousness for life – or if your dreams aren’t manifesting the way you desire – it’s not that you aren’t “creative.” It only means you’ve been trying to survive on a set of circuits that are limiting your life experience, and it’s time to learn how to build more. (The Energy Codes® coursework teaches you how to do this.)

To live as the creative force of your life is your destiny. This means, whatever feelings bubbling up within you or the dreams in your heart, they are your destiny. They are what you are meant to create in this life.

If you’re feeling tired and no passion, it isn’t because you used it up and it’s gone. It’s because you’ve lost touch with it. It is an ever-rushing river through the core of your being, and it’s time to tap that river again. Our culture needs it. Our country needs it. Our world is ready for it. It is time for us to step into our greatness and to truly accept the greatest gift that we were ever given – our true creative nature.

You don’t have to rev up your creativity. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s about dropping into your authenticity. To feel your own heart of hearts and breathe life into your deep wisdom.

So, shoot from the hip. Make it up. Begin to feel and sense that you can’t do it wrong, because the truth is you can’t.

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