hello2020 Divine your Destiny in 2020 – My Tips for You! 5 steps to have your best year yet

Happy New Year. HELLO, 2020!!!

A new decade has arrived with much wonderful fanfare and big promise and potential brimming for us all. This year could prove to be your most amazing yet. I for one am happy to say goodbye to 2019—a disruptive chaotic year with so many twists and turns it was like being in a spiritual disrupter machine. Kinda like having your own magical snow globe but instead of having it in your hand and shaking it and going “oooo looky—sparkles!” for many of us this year it was like waking up inside the thing and having some big green giant alien shake it while you are trying unsuccessfully to hold on to your world while watching everything get turned upside down.

Did you feel that? The best part, of course, is using the energy of 2020 vision to look back and go wow that was some ride! Am I ever glad all that sh**t happened! Do you feel that way? After chaos and disruption so many good things can be rebuilt on much sturdier and stronger foundations.

Here is a quick list of some things to keep you on track this year that I know work.

So, one of the things highest on my list to keep you on track to have your best year yet is mega self-care. That means resting and turning off the “off” button before you run out of juice. If you don’t learn balance this year, you can bet the universe will turn you “off” for you. I got very little rest during the holiday. My little dog Bisou (if you didn’t read the last blog) got some unknown spinal issue that resulted in her having to stay at the veterinary emergency for 5 days. We brought her home for Christmas (we celebrate the sparkly tree and play sappy music) but she was not out of the woods. I didn’t notice how I was feeling. I thought I was taking care of myself but I was on patrol 24/7. She started improving and then last week after a few days of feeling headachy and joint pain, I woke up with viral meningitis and had to stay in bed and cancel my Divine Your Destiny weekend, which is one of my most favorite events of the year. I never cancel events, but my doctor said I was not safe to fly! I am better now, but whoa Nelly!

SO…as much as I felt bad that I couldn’t go, I took advantage of the time to really look after me. Dogs all snuggled beside me, I watched movies, read silly books, and slept and slept and slept. I also bought some giant foot massager thing Oprah loved that I have no idea how to use. Sigh. Note to self: online shopping while delirious is not a good way to relax. 

OK, number 2. Set intentions on how you want to feel—not about what you want to get. Why? Because the things you want are not the end game. You want the way you are hoping they will make you feel when you get them. That is a good exercise to be honest—drilling down to the why do you want that. Then focus on the feeling and yes the Universe will answer!

Number 3.  Create an action plan. What are you willing to do? Yes, you are in partnership with the Divine, but it’s not a relationship where you are lying back eating bonbons telling the universe what you want like bossing around the genie you found in that cosmic bottle you discovered. You want a new fancy chair? Find where it is and go get it.

Number 4. Learn how to surrender to what is. Memorize the Serenity Prayer. “God, (or you pick what feels good for you) grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

Number 5. Practice faith that your energy will attract more of itself. Act like you believe the Universe is your friend and on your side!! No matter what.

And rest some more.

Ok, all … off til next time xoxoxo welcome to the New Year – expansion, growth, clarity, and Possibilities. Get ready!