It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Do I Really Need to Be Superwoman? How to Access Divine Wisdom and Insight


I spend way too many hours juggling mountains of perceived responsibilities that I willingly place on my own shoulders in an all-out effort to be the good wife, a compassionate and nurturing mother, a healthy, thriving woman, a loyal and trustworthy best friend, a voracious student of life and an ever-evolving spiritual being. It’s a big job with many hats and one that I needlessly complicate with an outdated belief that I have to “do it all” in order to be worthy of the love of myself, my family and the life that I’m living. 

There are more nights than I care to admit when I wake up at 3 am under the crushing shame, regret and sadness that I fell short of these lofty responsibilities. I yelled at the kids again… I avoided paying the bills... I neglected my spiritual practice… I forgot to return my friends call for the third time…I was too tired to make my husband dinner… I was so distracted that I ran the car into the stone gate as I pulled into the house. (I used to tell my husband that the car was hit at the store while I was buying groceries, but after the third time, he suggested I update my story or find a safer place to do the shopping!) 

I struggle to reconcile the qualities that I need to hone in order to “be love, evolve spiritually and be the best that I can be.” After all, I’m 60 now, and the sands in the hourglass of my life are hauntingly deeper and I so want to get it right while there is still time.

But then I was deeply struck with shattering clarity by author, Anita Moorjani’s newest book, “What if THIS is Heaven?” an exploration of how our cultural myths prevent us from experiencing Heaven on Earth. Moorjani is the New York Times best-selling author of Dying to Be Me, an inspiring account of her nearly four-year battle with cancer that culminated in a moving near-death experience which vastly changed her perspective on life. 

Her latest wisdom, based on what she discovered during her time in the afterlife, freed her to … “Lighten up and laugh more.” She says “We take spirituality too seriously, and it often can take a lot of the fun out of life. The most spiritual act possible is to be yourself, to love yourself, and to love your life and the best way to do that is to have fun and laugh. You are perfect just the way you are right now. Celebrate that fact.” 

Have fun with my life?  That concept has never even appeared on my To Do list.

But those of you who know me well know of my staunch belief that God, or Universal Energy, along with your highest self will use every resource at its disposal to get your attention and deliver powerful, loving and relevant messages to remind you that life is always unfolding FOR YOU and to move you into greater alignment with your own evolution. 

The day after I finished Moorjani’s book, this is what came home in my five-year-old twins’ backpack:

The To Do list for Kindergarteners and their Families.

Smile a lot.

Laugh even more.

Tell your best friend – “You’re my best friend.”

Learn something fresh.

Say please. Say thank you.

Question things you don’t understand.

See all the beautiful colors in the gardens and faces around you.

Play dress-up. Imagine all the possibilities.

Skip. Jump. Have fun.

Play music. Make music. Dance.

Play games. Don’t worry about winning… don’t worry.

Explore. Create.

Try something new.

Share your candy. Share your toys. And share your heart.

Be yourself!!!

Give thanks for all that you have and all that you are.

So no more hiding behind the superwomen mask and cape. Striving for perfection and a Las-Vegas worthy juggling act doesn’t honor the real me and the unique gifts and qualities that I have come to experience and share. Today I release my fear and my heartache and begin nurturing the one who needs it perhaps even more than our four children. I’m inviting my inner-kindergartener to come out and get messy, explore, to make mistakes, and yes, even fail. Because only in failing (not perfection) does true growth unfold.

After all, she is quite the character and with our new “To Do list,” she is welcome home.

How to Access Divine Wisdom and Insight

Make time to be quiet enough to be receptive to the magic and miracles that are constantly unfolding all around you. I’m not suggesting you sit for hours in solitude. Profound messages may come as you are driving along the highway, between sleep and wakefulness, during your spiritual practice or, most often for me, in the shower (the only time in my day that is devoid of distraction, noise, and chaos.) Divine wisdom may be delivered as a whisper… a strong knowing inside your head… or through a song on the radio. It may come in the passage of a book… in a surprising comment from a loved one… or in an unexpected act of kindness from a stranger.

How will you know? You will viscerally “feel” the energy behind it. There will be no mistaking that it is meant for you. And often, the message will arrive multiple times in short order to provide confirmation that this insight is meant exactly for you – as with my book passage and within 24 hours the To Do list from my children’s school. 

Trust it. It’s all for your joy and your greater unfolding.

And Thank You for taking the time to read my message today!

Deep inside your outer personality lies your inner being, your essence, your soul.

But what kind of soul are you? A King? A Sage? A Server? Priest? Artisan? Warrior? Scholar?

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