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EVERYTHING IS A GIFT. We only need to appreciate what we have, to have enough.

The Gift of who you are is a precious gift of Life. The gift of life is unmerited, undeserved, unearned and generous beyond measure. We do not earn our breath; it is a gift.

HEARTFULNESS is a process to restore our natural state of harmony, creating a lifestyle of being who you are and becoming more of all you are.

Heartfulness and Mindfulness are both aspects of Awarefulness. Meditation in a pure sense is being with the source of Life.

The experience of harmony is personal. You have to do it yourself. The awareness of Harmony is always available as life expressing as us.

"Giving love to someone is like trying to give them a breath, when they can only breathe for themselves. You can breathe with others but you cannot breathe for them." Will Hale 2-11-15

“Life depends upon the rhythmic working of the whole mechanism of the body. Regular and rhythmic breathing gives health to both body and mind.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can't name the tune.” Deepak Chopra 

“To witness that calm rhythm of life revives our worn souls and recaptures a feeling of belonging to the natural world.” George Schaller

THE SEVEN SKILLS OF HARMONY is a simplified system of heart centered meditation distilled from decades of personal practice. The intention of this heart focused meditation is to be able to maintain Harmony as a daily experience.

Feeling your heartbeat, being aware of your breath and relaxing into calm, gives a receptive presence of being. From this foundation of Harmony, life can be amplified in balanced powerful active expression.

The first six Skills of Harmony are covered in previous SoulSpring posts.
Links are below.

2. Be aware of your breath
3. Rest into calm
4. Posture and Beditation
5. Full Breath
6. Refined Breath
7. Rhythmic Breath

The Rhythmic Breath can activate the full power of your heart. Heartful Harmony is a simple solution in a complicated world. Like learning to swim, a rhythmic breath may take practice but it easily becomes a natural life long skill once developed.

Something magical happens when we feel the calm safety of our heart rhythm, breath rhythm and body rhythm in Harmony together.

Using our heartbeat as a counter, a rhythmic breath is breathing in and out an equal number of heart beats.

Try establishing Harmony by practicing this simple rhythm until it feels natural.

     As you feel your heart beat,

              breathe in for eight heart beats and breathe out for eight heart beats.

You can start with four heartbeats in and out if it is easier. If it is hard to breathe in and out with eight heart beats you can find tips Here to expand your breath capacity.

Allow your breath to flow smoothly in and out. The balanced rhythmic breath can come naturally but it may help to count or add an affirmation while beginning.

Counting to four with a silent pause in between each number can emphasize the rhythm. You can count eight heartbeats by counting, 1 - beat -2- beat -3- beat -4- beat

Adding a personal affirmation to the rhythm of your heart and breath greatly amplifies the affirmation. A good general affirmation could be “ I am love - I am loved” While inhaling, saying internally to a rhythm of eight heart beats, I - silent/beat – am - silent/beat – love - silent/beat - silent/beat - silent/beat (8 beats in) I - silent/beat – am - silent/beat – love - ed - silent/beat - silent/beat (8 beats out)

Balance comes with repetition and momentum. With a little practice, breathing harmoniously with your heart can become your natural effortless rhythm. You will be able to breathe rhythmically even with your eyes open while driving! Heartful Harmony is a “meditation” you can use anywhere, any time. This heartful state of being supports a lifestyle of energetic buoyancy, where life can flow with more harmony, calm, ease, intuition, confidence, safety, concentration, aliveness, gratitude and generosity.

When you can feel your heartbeat, you are doing it right!

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"Every breath is a good breath."
Will Hale 7-31-14

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