It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Do You Talk to Your Pet?


Animals touch our lives as well as our hearts and souls—whether they have fins, wings or fur, two legs or four. They love us unconditionally, teach us to play, but most important, show us how to live in the present moment.

Many of you already know much I love animals. One beautiful puppy—Koda—changed my world more than a decade ago. He has taught me so much, and because of him, I’ve given my time freely to animal charities and set up the highly successful Koda Fund. I’m a true believer in giving back for all the blessings these animals have given me.

We may be uniquely distinctive and individual souls, but there’s a commonality that binds us together—a spiritual force. The same energy that creates the stars in the sky, the same energy that courses through the Universe, is in each and every one of us…and that includes animals. As sentient beings, we’re all connected.

Isn’t it astonishing how our animals have a way of knowing if we’re sad, happy, frustrated, or even sick. When someone isn’t feeling well, you’ll often see their beloved pet at their side or curled up on the bed. Animals simply know! They’ll intuitively tune in to our energy and act accordingly to whatever they’re receiving as well as perceiving. They can even communicate with us telepathically.

Since we’re all connected by the universal power of energy and love, it’s feasible that we’d be able to talk with our animal friends. From what I’ve experienced, animals are masters at telepathy, and have an amazing ability to communicate with each other as well as us.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                   

Have you ever telepathically chatted with your pet? As I mentioned before, I’ve learned several techniques to connect with my dog from Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon.

This week, I'd like you to try this exercise: Ask your pet a question. Keep it short and simple, such as: “How are you feeling?” “What’s bothering you?” “What do you need?” Be as clear and concise as you can be so they’ll understand. Animals also like to think in pictures, so try to send your pet an image.

Tune in to your pet. Are you getting any messages? Remember, your pet’s answers may come as one word or very short sentences. Be patient! Don’t be disappointed if you only receive “ear” “eat” or “love walks.” After all, this is how they really talk!

If you know someone who may like to get this message, feel free to share this Soul Inspirations or recommend they join my newsletter list. Equally, I'd love to hear your Pet stories, so do share them on my Facebook and Instagram pages. For more about telepathically communicating with your pet, see Chapter 12 in my book, The Spirit Whisperer.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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