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Do You Want More Love In Your Life?

love-valentines-day-or-wedding-concept-picture-id626256232 Do You Want More Love In Your Life?

Do you ever feel unlovable? Does it ever feel as though true love eludes you?

You see others who are happy but you can’t seem to find that same happiness for yourself.

If you ever feel unlovable or undeserving of love, you may have an unconscious program running that says you are not worthy of love.

This unconscious program affects your operating code which will inevitably attract situations that prove it.

We all live by codes

Without exception, everyone operates by one of these two basic codes.

Divine Mind Code:
The operating system of ever-expanding love, joy and divinity that expresses itself deep within you as your True Self. It is the code of true reality and is where you are free to grow, change and experience peace and presence.

Ego Mind Code:
The operating system of the self image which the ego mind has fabricated where you are held hostage, imprisoned by beliefs. It is the code of false reality, which is based on fear, which is the absence of love.

Have you determined which code you’re operating under?

If you want to experience more love; change your code.

If you are ready to unlock more love in your life, you need a password!

high frequency PLATINUM master password can be used to unlock the Divine Mind code so you can easily experience more love in your life.

The eight high frequency beingness states that comprise the PLATINUM master password are:

Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity, and Mindfulness.

Each key word in the PLATINUM master password is a symbol for a high frequency aspect of our True Self.

Activating the PLATINUM password awakens your soul to choose wholeness. As you learn to use the master password to decode your life you automatically break through to great loving relationships, real strength and the success you aspire to. You will naturally feel better, your light will shine brighter, and you will attract more love in your life. And, you will have loads more happiness.

Love is the “L” in PLATINUM

How much happiness are you experiencing? How much love? How much joy? Only when experienced can these states be shared with others.

Have you ever noticed how charismatic someone is who is happy? They walk into a room with a genuine smile and instantly the space is filled with magnetic energy. Peace, love, joy, and happiness have very high frequencies and those frequencies are so irresistible that everyone can sense them.

What does this mean? It means that when you feel loved, when you raise your frequency of love, others can’t help but feel it and be instantly attracted to it.

Are you ready to raise your love vibration? Click here and join Sandra in this raise your love vibration video. Use it every day to begin aligning with the high frequency attribute of love.

Here’s to Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

PS. Want more love? Get your copy of CODEBREAKER: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version of You and the CODEBREAKER Journal from Amazon worldwide.

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