What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Burnout

There’s no denying it… building a business takes energy, stamina, resilience and a bucket-load of grit.

If you’re constantly aiming for the next level of success without caring for your number one asset – (that’s you, trailblazer) – then you’ll undoubtedly move towards exhaustion, where so many entrepreneurs end up at some point.

When you’re feeling exhausted, every day feels like you’re pushing through a thick cloud of fatigue and brain fog.

Thinking clearly becomes challenging.

You start to make poor decisions – and you procrastinate on tasks you’re too tired to deal with.

Your productivity levels and enthusiasm and drive for your business plummet, making you feel even more frustrated and overwhelmed.

Thinking you just need to do more and try harder makes you feel even more exhausted.

The ripple effect to the rest of your life can be devastating, as you’re too tired to maintain relationships or consider having a social life.

And the risk to the success of your business is real.

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5 Leadership Traits of Great Leaders

Becoming a leader gives you the opportunity to magnify your impact in the world. It allows you to leverage the hearts and actions of others toward the achievement of goals and objectives that you care about. It allows you to produce bigger results faster than you could ever do on your own. And while we’re not all destined to become leaders on a level with John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs or Mother Teresa, we can all learn to develop our leadership skills for positive impact in our organizations and our local communities.

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What Is Your Definition Of Success?

Society defines success in a weird manner. It is really f-ed up. Most people have this random goal in their head, that if achieved, would be the definition of success for them. So many of us believe that when or if we become millionaires, we will finally have that life that we dream of. One million dollars is that elusive and awesome goal that so many of us aspire to.

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The Problem With Confidence That Entrepreneurs Need to Know

There’s a problem with confidence that needs to be discussed, as it’s causing much procrastination and frustration.

And it’s stopping entrepreneurs from achieving their goals.

You know those times you’re learning a new skill or reaching for a goal and your confidence takes a dive?

Your mind lays out all the reasons why you can’t achieve your goal.

You don’t feel confident, so you reschedule tasks you should be doing for tomorrow instead of today.

You believe when you’ll feel more confident, you’ll be better equipped to do the task. And everything looks rosy tomorrow!

Then, you reschedule for the next day. And the next…

However, not feeling confident when starting a new goal is normal.

Actually, it’d be pretty abnormal to feel confident, because your feeling of confidence is linked to your level of competence.

The process of learning shows how closely we link confidence to competence – and how easily you can fall into the confidence gap trap.

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Discover Your Leadership Style and How it Can Help You Grow

By Sage Lavine

Have you ever wondered whose lives you'll change with your unique, powerful, and ever-important message? Have you pictured their faces, and imagined what it will be like to look at them and know, deep in your heart, that you played a role in transforming their lives?

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How To Fail Like a Pro


We’re ALL going to ‘fail’ at times along the entrepreneurial journey.

Since I started my business 2 plus years ago, I’ve created campaigns that flopped.

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Are You Harnessing the Power of Intention as an Entrepreneur?

I’ve been contemplating the importance of intention lately and was discussing it in my Facebook group.

Not just about setting an intention – of being mindful of it each and every day – and most importantly, acting upon it.

I often see women set a clear intention when they start their business, which they then lose sight of as they progress.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Unstoppable Entrepreneur?

There are four assets you must possess to be an unstoppable, successful entrepreneur.

I’ve been discussing many of these factors in my community of female entrepreneurs, as when you have these four assets optimised, you become unstoppable, resilient and highly productive.

Having these things will mean the difference between feeling like your business is running you, versus you running your business.

Without these assets, you’ll easily slip into frustration and overwhelm, procrastination, exhaustion and, potentially, burnout.

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A Simple Productivity Strategy That Obliterates Overwhelm

As a solopreneur, it’s so easy to get overstretched and overwhelmed when there are so many projects you want to complete.

Yet productivity levels plummet each time you’re working on more than one project, as your focus gets diluted and you reduce your ability to get in to flow as you switch between projects.

In fact, if you take on more than three projects, your productivity can plummet by up to 75%!

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When Are Your Power Hours?

When are your power hours, and are you using them to your advantage?

The most productive hours – AKA power hours – are typically the first two hours of the day.

This is when your energy and brain function are at their optimal states.

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If You Are Your Own Boss… BE Your Own Boss

Are you a star employee in your own business… or not quite hitting the mark?

It can be so easy to be a bit too lax with yourself when you’re running your own business…

Sure, we all want the freedom to choose how we work and not have a boss that dictates what we do and when.

That’s one of the many fabulous reasons to be an entrepreneur!

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