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5 ways to start your day… and stay connected while life is happening:)

alarm-clock-having-a-good-day-in-morning-picture-id624545084 5 ways to start your day… and stay connected while life is happening:)

I am a work in progress… always.. and some days are better than others. How about you?


One thing I see a lot in my clients and students, and something I have struggled with  in the past myself… is staying connected to spirit… being consistent with my spiritual practice. I have found that for myself,  that it is an absolute necessity even though for many years I felt like it was a choice. It’s not, not for me anyway. I soon discovered… that for me…


I NEED to stay connected…

BODY… MIND… and Spirit!!!


I do 5 things every morning that I know help my stay grounded, present, grateful, connected, open and in my heart.. Maybe they will help you too…

IMG_9739#1 – Meditation – This can be 5 minutes or 50 minutes. For me it is about taking the time to acknowledge, I am spirit first… and recognizing that each day… so that i can be tuned in to spirit – first. My life works much better when i am living from my heart than my head.


#2 – Invoke the Archangels – Specifically Archangel Michael.. to help me maintain my own energy so that I don’t take on the energy of others ( a bad habit) and/or the world. This helps me to keep myself focused on being the change i wish to see in the world instead of focusing on the things that aren’t working by absorbing others fears, worries and concerns. It is very unhealthy for me to get in that lower fear based vibration and Archangel Michael helps me be the observer… instead of the absorber. I also call in all the other Archangels for support as well. Working with the angels…. .and teaching about them.. has been life changing for me.


#3 – I am open and receptive to all that is for my highest good and I trust the process of the Universe – I repeat this to myself, sometimes out-loud, with my arms open wide to the Universe, until…


I feel open…

& I feel receptive..

and I feel trusting of the process!


I don’t stop until I FEEL it.


#4 – How may I serve? About 15 years ago I heard Wayne Dyer say that he did this everyone morning. I was inspired and began to adopt this practice as well. It has been an interesting journey to see how spirit puts me where I need to be to be of service. I am constantly amazed at the perfection the Universe provides when we open our hearts minds and souls. Even…








I do all of this in bed, before starting my day.. and as my feet hit the floor I say


ty#5 – Thank you!


For 16 years, i have been consistent with this practice… and for 16 years, I have been living the life of my dreams really.. Living my purpose, consciously and intentionally… Hmmmmm … I wonder if this practice has made that difference??


What do you think? Do you resonate with any of this? Do you practice any of these steps?

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