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6 steps to Discovering Your Purpose through Automatic Writing?

young-business-woman-sitting-at-table-and-writing-in-notebook-on-is-picture-id1001533590 This is a question I get asked all of the time… How Do You Discover Your Purpose?

The answer is simple:

You discover your purpose by being present in the moment. Listening to your inner guidance. Paying attention to the messages you are receiving at any given time. Being aware of the feelings in your body when certain things awaken a desire within us. And being absolutely mindful of our thoughts. If purpose is within us, and you desire to discover consciously what your purpose is, then we must understand that spirit speaks to you in present moment. You cannot hear the message from spirit when thinking about the past or thinking about the future. Spirit speaks to you in present moment. It is a now experience.

Using Automatic Writing /Journaling to Discover Your Purpose

This exercise can be done at any particular time when you are in need of clarity or guidance. Your purpose is constantly changing as you change and grow and expand. So, this exercise may be helpful at any given time along your journey of life. Automatic writing will help you to be conscious of what is calling to you at this particular time in your life so that you can live intentionally and consciously.

Let’s Begin:

1. Create a space where you will not be interrupted for at least an hour. (No cell phone or computer either.) Have a couple of sheets of paper and a pen. No computer for this one, please.

2. If you feel so guided, take a moment to ask the God of your understanding, your angels, spirit guides or any other spiritual
deities for assistance in discovering your purpose. If this is new to you, you can ask Archangel Michael, who helps with Life Purpose and/or Archangel Uriel who helps with seeing the greater vision, for support and guidance.

3. At the top of your paper, write: My purpose is …

4.Now write anything and everything that comes into your awareness. Write without editing and without stopping. I call this
stream of consciousness writing. It can be words, sentences, or phrases. It does not have to be complete sentences. As you write, observe your emotions and the feelings you have in your body.

5. Continue writing until you either feel empty, it has been over a half hour, or you have a lot of emotion.

6. Go through your list and mark the ones that brought up the most emotion in you. The ones that you could really feel in your heart. The ones that resonated with you. The ones that made you cry. The ones that gave you the chills. These messages, words
and sentences are your purpose. So now that you have the words you will know what your purpose is … for now. Remembering, that again, your purpose is constantly changing as you change. This is your purpose in this moment:)

Excerpt from Living Your Purpose by Sunny Dawn Johnston & Friends

– SDJ♥

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