Animal Wisdom Improves Love Life

Animal Wisdom Improves Love Life

Regardless of how many spiritual epiphanies, practices of valuable relational tools, and life times we may or may not have experienced (said with a wink), being human is complex. Deep peace can be followed with profound embarrassment. Certainty that we have arrived in steady and dependable self-confidence can be shaken with a new event. Love that feels graced with limitless can suddenly encounter a period of challenge.

Having spoken to hundreds of animals of numerous species, I have learned from animal wisdom. Whether your presenting challenges with love are between you and your mate, or you and you, or you and another beloved, animals’ wisdom is test-proven and valuable.

Embarrassment has been an excruciatingly difficult aspect of my own make up so I will honestly share about this here. I do feel the ancestral vibration of being abashed is so strongly wired into my cells, that clearings, cleansings, and meticulous work has not erased it in full. Just today, I made an unsolicited call to a client due to a heart impulse to offer something helpful. To my surprise, I flooded with embarrassment right afterwards. Palpable fear of the reality that my suggestion could be off in any way, tingled in my chest in an unpleasant manner.

My cat son and Papa both, Baji, known to many as Jessie #3, sent breath into my heart, reminding me to breathe deeply into the sensation of embarrassment. As I did, he flipped on his back, limbs and tummy to the sky, reminding me that playing with the flavors of emotion can be fun. As we continued to breathe together via his inspiration, the flavor of embarrassment went through a series of changes. First, I felt scared and tight. Second, I realized that I was feeling my client, and he I. Two empaths in embarrassment soup! Third I could laugh at this. Forth I felt the fear relinquish itself from my chest, realizing it is okay to be wrong. Being wrong does not invalidate everything that has happened in the past which was right! Being wrong does not invalidate a loving intent. The embarrassment began to feel more like leaping in the chest.

Baji assured me, “you are okay just as you are.” I could hear feel the truth and simplicity of his loving statement. I sat in the palpable vulnerability hidden under my ongoing attempts to stay in a zone of doing the very best. Worry about my potential errors tumbled out of my cells like hidden prisoners. Baji role-modeled sitting quietly with this.

“I’m right here loving you always, with all your feelings, thoughts, acts,”” Baji assured me.

I aimed to give the same kind love to myself that Baji did. I sent acceptance from self to self somatically, directed from my heart to my mind. I assured myself that mistakes and perfections both, my intention of good and my soul of love was unchangeable. Baji looked immensely peaceful at this point. Knowing I received his intent, he drifted into a sweet and warm sleep.

Here is a summary of what I absorbed from Baji’s wisdom.

Breathing while experiencing an emotion, allows the emotion to unwind into new sensations and insights.

Being right or wrong doesn’t change a good intention and a loving soul.

I can practice loving myself the way Baji and other loved ones love me.

Embarrassment can be replaced with any challenging emotion you encounter inside yourself: jealousy, anger, feelings of low self-worth, etc. Play with the above steps to loosen yourself up, and set yourself free. Remember that living life is an ongoing practice and dance.

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