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How to Balance Stress and Experience More Joy

work-life-balance-choices-picture-id469763608 How to Balance Stress and Experience More Joy

Creating a balance with stress should be our ultimate aim and desire in life. As most of the activities in our lives are so dependent on our reactive state to our own personal stress levels. Of course we cannot completely eliminate stress from our lives, as a certain amount of stress is essential for a balanced lifestyle, and completely eliminating stress would lead to a "couldn't care less" attitude. The most effective balance to stress management would involve ways and means of minimizing the stress we encounter in life. The best would be to create an adequate mixture of thought patterns and behaviors that minimize stress.


This is by far the easiest solution to effective stress management. Once we understand our own stress patterns, we need to make a conscious effort to eliminate them.


1. Focus on the Positive

2. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people

3. Meditation

4. Exercise

You need to combine effective physical and mental strategies. Meditation to calm the mind and enthuse new and positive ideas, and physical exercise to release hormones which give new energy and charge to the mind and body both.


Most of us reel under this self defeating habit. We do understand our own negative patterns of behavior, but are unable to rid ourselves of these due to our own inherent inhibitions. We need to work on ourselves with the following perspectives in view

1. Release Grudges

2. Negative perspectives

3. Toxic relationships

4. Psychological addictions

It is extremely difficult to eliminate these negative patterns from our lives as we have developed our own personal rapport with these patterns over the years. They reflect our comfort zone


Please do not be too analytical and harsh on yourself. Love yourself enough to be gentle with "You" . Your negative patterns came to you due to some reasons, it could be your childhood insecurities or other fears. Release these slowly and gently. Once you start easing yourself with these issues, letting go becomes increasingly easy.


Do not ever be in a hurry to eliminate. Pace your release of negative habits. They have built themselves slowly into your system, let go of them slowly too. Congratulate yourself on your progress. It is all worth it, only at your own pace.


A lot of times we find ourselves minimizing our success due to our own limiting beliefs about ourselves and others. We could be sometimes negating our own abilities and start living in a minimum achievement zone. Maximizing our potential is only possible if we accept our own limitless self.


Tolerations are those things in life that drain us and create stress. The moment we understand and become aware of our energy drains, we can start finding effective ways to get rid of them. Being aware helps us to make more effective "eliminating stress"plans.


Our relationships are perhaps the strongest factor affecting our stress levels. They could be powerful resources of eliminating stress and equally powerful in creating stress. Certain friendships that are conflicting, lacking in trust and competitive, could be huge stress givers. Recognize these and steer clear of them. Learn and decipher, how and when to let go.


A lot if our negative patterns become addictive. We actually start indulging ourselves in these negative and addictive feelings. Letting go of these stress inducing patterns is not easy, but once you manage, the peace you begin to experience and the ease and comfort of it, is equally addictive.

You need to build your resistance to the inevitable stress you need to face in day to day life, let various techniques help you along the way to freedom and joy.

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