Celebrate the Spring Equinox!


Feel the Pulse of Co-creation

Happy Spring to all of us in the north, and happy Fall to my friends Down Under! (Although where I live on my farm outside of Toronto it looks like winter has come back- but heck I am hopeful!)  The Spring equinox is when the Light and Dark are equal and then a new cycle begins as the Light begins to grow and become more powerful. This time of year always triggers a shift in everyone just as Nature shows us new beginnings and new life so will the natural flow of seasons in our lives, our projects and our dreams begin to naturally evolve.

When new life begins to appear its natural to feel the same compelling drive within you too. I find it most apparent at the spring and fall equinoxes. Something just begins to turn on the magic so to speak.

If you slow down enough to tune into your inner awareness you’ll sense that urge to spring clean, to make space for new life , or in the autumn you’ll feel the call to clean up to make space to incubate new dreams.

This time of year we really begin to feel the pulse of co-creation, abundance and our infinite potential for prosperity. There’s an anticipation, a palpable energy that we can tune into that turns on a switch, like all of a sudden going from dim and hazy to bright and shiny.


The click happens when we fully embrace ourselves as we’re meant to be not as we’ve been taught, conditioned or coerced to be, and not mirroring others so we to fit in which many of us do as a result of comparison. “ I want what she’s having!” isn’t the way to our unique inspired authentic lives at all. We will always be disappointed if we do that.

Now, we have a  beautiful window of opportunity that requires casting off the shell of conformity, removing all the masks that we thought might help us gain social acceptance, to get to our molten core where Spirit’s spark waits for us to ignite our destiny.

Click on your Light, ignite your inspired inner fire and abundance seems to appear as if magical sparkle dust got dumped on your head. One minute you were struggling to figure it all out then BAM you’re at a party!

I want me some of that- don’t you?

The best part is there is no complicated esoteric secret formula to discover. This is what’s needed to hear and feel that “click” and turn on that bright shiny light.

Like that quote by Oscar Wilde I love so much – “You be you, everyone else is taken” it’s our job to find out the answer to the question “What really turns me on?” Not “How do I compete for what she’s having?”

The click happens by going inside to your heart and listening to your truths with your intuition.

Stay out of your head – the switch isn’t there! It’s not an intellectual exercise in fact the biggest way people get screwed up around the subject of “purpose” or the definition of prosperity or abundance is when you get into analysis paralysis!

When I left Hay House ( seems like a very long time ago) for “ bigger and better things” I got them superficially but I lost a big part of “what turns me on” consequently my successes were not in alignment with my true core and I wasn’t happy.

When I came back it was because I had come to know 1000% who and what I was, and with sincere gratitude and humility I let go my ambitions and surrendered to the flow. I’m happier now than ever.

My passion for creating oracle cards and other ways to communicate with Spirit is #1 for me and as a result I’m getting to do deeply satisfying work. It’s my service. Will it get me on Oprah like my colleagues? Probably not and who cares. Others don’t bestow the magic upon you. Spirit is the source of the magic dust!

I no longer “want what she’s having”. I want what I’m having!

Wherever that takes me I’m jazzed every morning with gratitude. There are lots of us in this field and that’s ok. There is no shortage of pie. There’s only one me just like there’s only one you! Inspiration is intimate and personal.

Just like Joseph Campbell said – we follow our bliss and miracles abound.

Is it easy? Well that’s a matter of perspective. Asking “what turns me on?” is answered through experience and being curious, allowing, receptive and playful. You can’t think or strategize this one.

The answer nor the method feels like a contraction.

Quite the opposite… its more like a YAHOO.

And, the most interesting part is that it doesn’t feel like “self” oriented. It’s like you forget yourself totally and are just present, connected and yes.. that’s what abundance really means. Destiny clicks in.. and the Light shines.. on the real truth.

Spirit is everywhere, the all is in the small.

Yep that means you! Anything is possible when you hone in on your uniqueness. What a paradox isn’t it? Get to the real you, only to have the self dissolve into a palpable sense of unity?

Once you taste it… nothing is ever the same.

I know the magic is waiting for you. May this week lead you to your “click” to turn your Light on full beam!. Stay open.. it’s rarely what you think it will or should be!


Love you always and forever,

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards - NEW 

by Coletter Baron-Reid

Legends say that before there was time, before there was language, there were the sacred symbols. The Medicine Wheel, the Curse, the Eagle, the Jaguar, and others spoke to us intimately.
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