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Happy Summertime!!!

dog-surfing-on-a-wave-picture-id912592258 Happy Summertime!!!

It’s been a hot one here in Arizona … 117 degrees the other day when my hubby and I had an adventure on the lake when a monsoon “haboob” hit us. Yes, that is a real word, look it up if it’s new to you … kind of a funny word?

Anyway, we made it back to our camp … with a lot of paddling effort on our parts and a little help from our friends?

And all was well…

Although unexpected as it hit soooo fast, it was a fun little adventure.

But I was thinking afterwards…

Life is meant to be an adventure, right?  It’s a journey of joy and pain and exploration and excitement and grief and peace and everything in between. Really, it’s a constant journey of expansion and contraction.

When life happens, sometimes it’s a surprise. It isn’t expected. It catches you off-guard (let’s say on the lake, on a paddle board, with 20-30 MPH winds.) But, staying on the shoreline, in case something happens … is that really living? If we are always anticipating the storm, do we ever really get the chance to play?

It just a choice …  on how to see it … how you see life …

As an adventure … An opportunity for growth and expansion …


As a difficult challenge, a painful burden, something to protect yourself from …

Life is happening … and … It’s summertime!!!

Get out there and LIVE life my friend … in whatever way that is for you??

Love, Light and Blessings:) ♥ SDJ

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