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How To Deal With Failure, Grow and Find the Gift


When things don’t go according to plan or work out how you intended, it can be a huge disappointment and let down, especially when you have invested so much time, energy, and money.

It’s easy to judge yourself as a failure and beat yourself up harshly. But this serves nothing.

When you try so hard and your dreams don’t happen, it’s easy to question yourself and even want to give up on the dream itself.

But what if there was no such thing as “failure”? 

Consider that every experience is feedback to you from the universe and every moment is an opportunity to learn something more about yourself.

Failure is simply an interpretation of reality based on your current level of consciousness.

So – What if things not working out were really a gift from the universe designed to take you deeper into yourself, forcing you to question, reflect, and let go of anything not in alignment with your highest?

Sometimes when everything goes easily and you are in a groove of consistently succeeding, it can be easy to become comfortable and complacent and stop growing.

What if “failure” was really a purification and intended to bring you back into a deeper authenticity and way of being.

There’s a few simple reasons that dreams don’t manifest:

  1. Not aligned- The dream that you thought was your dream is actually not the what you are meant to be working on. It’s not in alignment with your highest. You may even have chosen a dream that someone else wanted you to do. Practice feeling deeper and find what is authentically seeking to express through you.
  2. Timing- Its simply not time yet. Either the people and environment around you still needs to catch up with your vision. Or perhaps you aren’t ready yet. You still need to grow, heal, evolve,  transform into the person that can embody and fulfill the dream itself. So trust the Divine timing of the universe. It knows. Practice patience.
  3. Test- Anything worthwhile takes dedication, commitment and focus. Your dreams will take you on a journey, and there will be many challenges and obstacles along the way. Each of these challenges will force you to grow, become more of who you really are, develop your soul strength and test your commitment. It’s often right before a big breakthrough that you may face a breakdown. If you feel that your dream is authentic and true, then do not give up. Practice persistence, perseverance and recommit yourself to the vision.
  4. Strategy- Your strategy is ineffective. You can have the most amazing idea or dream but the way you are going about trying to make it happen isn’t working. Imagine you were taking a cross country drive through America but we’re using the road map for Japan!!! No matter how hard you worked, it wouldn’t get you closer to your desired destination. Practice regular reflection and refining your plan of action.

Trust that when your dreams aren’t happening according to your plan, it’s not failure. It’s the Universe’s way of realigning you and orchestrating something much more incredible and bigger than you can currently imagine.

In those moments when things seem stuck, you can give up, resist and fight life, which only blocks the flow.

Or you can surrender.

Surrender to the lesson and the deeper unfolding that is seeking to happen.

Surrender is your acknowledgement that you have come to the edge of your ego’s ability to control life.

When you let go, life flows.

Your dreams not manifesting is an invitation to surrender, and surrender unlocks Grace, and Grace will help you transcend your challenges.

The universe responds to your level of surrender.

Your level of surrender determines the level of your freedom.

You choose.



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