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Meditate your stress away!

tired-woman-housewife-in-stress-meditates-in-lotus-yoga-pose-in-picture-id841333454 Meditate your stress away!

Meditation is is what many people associate with Spirituality and may be considered old fashioned to the very modern thinking individuals who do not want to identify with it.

I personally feel that it is an age old practice, that may or may not be spiritually aligned, but is actually one of the best ways of relieving stress.

Our bodies are experiencing stress situations all through the day in various forms. They are automatically geared to the "fight or flight" response. Constantly dealing with our own inner emotional self can be very self damaging, both in terms of mind and body. We need a technique that will counter the harm done to us by our stress levels.


Since meditation intrinsically helps you to calm your body and mind, which signify your physical and emotional self it is a very de-stressing activity.

Stress is created in a state of agitation and when calmness pervades, stress is on the run.

Meditation prepares the way to face challenges with ease and a healthy attitude.

As a technique meditation can appeal to you at every age and stage of life. It is like a quick fix. When stress ravages the mind and body, meditation comes to the rescue.


There are many ways in which you can meditate, but first we can look at the most traditional and widely accepted method:

1. Sit in a relaxed position

2. Clear your mind.

3. Focus your mind on one thought

4. Use a personal mantra, it could be any word that resonates with you. "Om" is a convenient word, but you can create a word that resonates with you personally.

5. Stop following every new thought that flits through your mind.

6. Spend 15 to 20 distract free minutes in your state of meditation. It can, of course,  be practised as long as you want to.


Anything that we repeat daily as an action tends to become a habit. But sometimes habits tend to feel boring.

Many people feel that if they meditate for a long time , it becomes a daunting experience. The human spirit loves a challenge, so in order to keep the spark alive we need to challenge our spirit with excitement. We need to meditate regularly, yet not allow it to settle into a boring routine of habit.


For people who do not like the spiritual connotation attached to it, it can take the form of a physical exercise. Of course it is helpful to have silence and privacy, but if that is not your temperament, you can go for the action.


Whether you are eating your food, cycling, reading or walking, every activity can be a form of meditation. Each activity when performed with serious concentration and focus, can be a way to meditate. We need not be sitting in a special posture or having regulated ways of behaving. Mindfulness is what is important. When we do any activity with a concentrated level of focus we can term it as meditation.


Main thing is that it reverses the stress response and thus protects you from the effects of chronic stress.

1. Lowers the heart rate

2. Blood Pressure normalizes

3. Immune function improves

4. Adrenalin gland produces less cortisol

5. Mind ages at a slower rate

6. Mind has more clarity

Meditation makes us connect to our inner strength and builds resilience. It is most rejuvenating and needs to be discussed more thoroughly and pervasively next week.

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