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My Most Magical Mystical Weekend

boy-holding-the-star-up-in-the-sky-illustration-id913475382 My Most Magical Mystical Weekend

I had the most incredible weekend with the coolest, most mystical, weird & wonderful spirit-loving people. We read Oracle Cards, we laughed, we meditated, we danced, we journaled, we cried, danced some more and we had a fantastic time together.

What did I do? I hosted the 2nd annual OraclePalooza®.

It was a dream come true to have close to 300 people join me for my yearly giant Oracle Card party and celebration event. Everyone brought amazing positive energy and dove into up-leveling exercises all while sharing their hearts, smiles, and so much joy. Even the tears were liberating in so many ways as people broke through their personal barriers.

I witnessed powerful moments of transformation as many shifts took place. Truly a weekend of turbo transformation!

And while there were so many personal breakthroughs, I also really felt the power of the collective energy of the group. Each person contributed to raising the vibrations of the whole as we connected to each other and to Spirit.  Of course we had help from my new Spirit Animal oracle deck that we had flown in special in advance of their pub date for the event. It really was a magical weekend!

I’m still glowing from this event… and am already looking forward to the next one! While we do have to wait till next year for the next OraclePalooza®… you don’t have to wait long to join me on an amazing transformational journey. Oracle School® starts this fall and enrollment begins at the end of September. Look out for more details to follow in my next blog posts and you can join the wait list right now.

For now, I’d like to share some of the moments captured in photos at OraclePalooza® 2018.

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