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Rejuvenate tips to get your life back on track and out of the nitty gritty of life's activities

girls-laughing-at-the-street-picture-id637812946 Rejuvenate tips to get your life back on track and out of the nitty gritty of life's activities

We seem to realize over time that, every few days we need to rejuvenate in order to keep our lives on track. The environment, our lifestyles, our relationships, our day to day nitty gritty activity, they all seem to take a toll on us. We need to re assess everything that is going on within us and around us.

Once we have done this initial assessment, then we need to plan on how we spend our time. The key factor here is, how we commit our time so that nothing is wasteful. We are intrinsically being true to ourselves and to the world around us.


Stress only accumulates when we are giving too much of ourselves to the world around us. We need to know how to balance ourselves. Our commitments should be within the boundaries of our own inherent temperaments.

Each one of us is born with a certain nature which is inherent within us. We need to constantly keep in touch with ourselves, to be aware of our own inner level of awareness.


This will control the unnecessary use of our mind stuff on petty tasks that did not require our attention, and give us unnecessary uncalled for stress. 


Say no to commitments that benefit others and hold no value for you. As it is just having too many commitments in life are a natural cause for stress.


Being over scheduled is a total cause of stress. By prioritizing your commitments you can be more successful with your important tasks and do more of the things that keep you happy.


This keeps you feeling healthy and happy. Choose friends wisely,  those who make you feel wanted and accepted and cherished.

Research has shown that a sense of belonging reduces your sense of depression. 


Try to find joy in every little thing you do. Having the freedom within to laugh loudly is very essential. Be uninhibited in your approach. Just flow free and laugh heartily whenever the situation requires. Do not put unnecessary social pressure on your thoughts.


Play games, watch TV, dance to music, go for a drive, cycle for pleasure or do any activity that amuses you or strikes your fancy. This will make your mind and body, step into a relaxed state. This in turn helps to fight the stressors in a better way.


A lot of us indulge in negative thought patterns. We all do negative self talk very easily. We need to look for hidden benefits in all stressful situations. Keep a positive approach. Being more positively tuned in to life always helps.


Evaluating yourself will make you realize, how anticipated fear seems to rule your world. You need to throw away this negativity which is burdening your life unnecessarily.  Step into the light for a more positive perspective and learn to attract more healthy situations in every way. 


Even if stress is overwhelming your life, don't come under its spell. You can gently but firmly wane it away. Implement practices in your routine which will help reduce stress. It cannot happen overnight, you have have to wean it.

Catch stress before it gets chronic. Allowing it to creep in slowly and then start blooming within is dangerous. It has not only negative emotional consequences, but also leads to severe health issues.


Clear the clutter from the mind. Empty it once and for all, of each and every varied thought that crosses through. Use it like a room you would empty to rearrange the furniture. Now similarly, rearrange your thoughts.

Leave the thoughts which drain you and bring back thoughts which will rejuvenate your system. Don't waste time in fulfilling obligations you'd rather not keep. Make time and space for important tasks.


Delegate responsibility by pairing people with jobs they can do well. See if you require help for jobs, get it. Take short cuts if needed. Live in the moment keeping the future in mind. Try and organize yourself in the best way possible and put yourself on the road to happiness.

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