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The Sacred Power of Musing


Did you know that you have a sacred relationship to the creative force within you? Even if you don’t consider yourself “creative” you are actually doing it all the time. You create emotional scenarios to experience, you reinforce patterns of the past, and dream your intentions into the fabric of reality whether you are aware of it or not.

You are the artist that stewards reality forward on behalf of the Great Artist- the Conscious Universe that is the primal Source of everything- visible and invisible. If you’ve ever felt the pull of inspiration or the call to make something new of yourself you are in a dance with that integral part of you.

Philosophers have waxed poetic about this relationship for eons. I think the Greeks had the best idea when they explored the creative impulse as a sacred relationship between us and the Muses – the daughters of Zeus and the goddess of memory- Mnemosyne. These minor goddesses were birthed to represent the spirit of the arts, science, and literature to help us forget the sadness and darkness in the world.

We know that the arts are an essential form of expression in every culture. It’s how we process our deepest emotions and find perspective when it appears we have none.

Since antiquity, artists and poets refer to their inspirations as coming from their special Muse and although it refers to something that arises from within, it still is a beautiful way to imagine us in this dance with a goddess that whispers ideas to us that we can then set in motion.

The past couple years we’ve worked very hard at building Oracle School, and developing a library of oracle cards for Hay House, so much so I’ve had little time for creativity for its own sake, where I can flow into it without any idea of where it might land. Creativity, when it flows naturally like this is like a meditation. Although creating oracle card decks has been extraordinarily fulfilling, as is speaking, there’s this personal emptiness I’ve felt that nothing I was doing professionally could fill.

So not sure if you know this about me, but long ago in a faraway land, I had another life as a singer-songwriter that tanked miserably. However, I still had the bug to create music no matter how unconventional and decidedly weird and non-commercial it may be.

So I have a secret to share. (Oh ya it won’t be one anymore will it?) So, yearning to reclaim my Muse who I figured had given me the finger and moved along long ago, to some other more talented and amazing source of inspired stewardship, I called my co-writer and producer of my first album released on EMI music 18 years ago (that was supposed to change my life and did not) and asked if he would like to get together and create music again. We could even call our project Old Farts Music!

He said yes and I flew to LA for 5 days of intense Muse hunting. Of course, she was waiting for me to get real and raw.

I just got back from the most meaningful and authentic experience with one of the most talented people on the planet (his name is Eric Rosse – kinda famous for Tori Amos albums years ago). We told stories about life, talked about Love and Fear and children and the state of the world and we laughed and cried and ate too much and wrote some songs together and recorded them into the wee hours of the night.

I cannot tell you how whole I feel in this moment. So I am going to share my dance with my Muse with you. I understand one’s taste in music is subjective but I hope you can appreciate the sentiment.

Here are 5 ideas that helped me and might also help your creativity flow.

  1. You are never too old to be inspired and to make art.
  2. The Muse comes to dance with you and shows you her fierce abiding love full on when you surrender to the process and give away all expectation.
  3. Art of any kind is an expression of the Divine… Even finger painting! We are just the channel for it to move through.
  4. When you are in the flow of creativity for no reason at all, just to do it, you open up your connection to the universe in miraculous ways.
  5. On days you’re too mentally itchy to meditate, just go get creative, make a pie, finger paint, dance around your house like no one is watching. Oh yeah and sing. Definitely, sing.

So musing right along… Can you get out of your own way and let your Muse inspire you to create? Anything is still something. Creativity releases you from the prison of the self and sets your soul free.

Love you .. hope you like our song! It’s called What Would Love Do?


What Would Love Do?

Click to link to song

written and produced by Colette Baron-Reid and Eric Rosse  



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