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Turning Difficulty into Ease the Cat Way

Turning Difficulty into Ease the Cat Way

When we grasp different aspects of our being, aiming to fix or heal each one, we may end up feeling fragmented and lacking. Another approach is to sit in the essence of flavor that we are, breathing in to the core of our self as though we are a tree, noting that each aspect of our being is a dance in motion. In the center of all this is a stillness that is love.


My kittens teach me this again and again. They tumble, they play, they purr, they eat. Their reference point is always the silent love that goes way into eternity. I feel that love going from their hearts to mine into the endless light void. Living with them is enjoyable presence.

What is it that calls us humans out of the innate peace offered, into troubles generated by the mind’s comparisons of what could be with what is, or what isn’t with what is? I have asked myself many times. “Laurie, are you willing to give up all identity including the identity that solves problems?” I ask myself often.

I have answered, “Yes” many times and forgotten within hours!

My cats remind me that life is a practice. Forever bringing each moment back to an intention of love, the breath of peace, the meditation of kindness, and the focus of joy, they are my sweet inspirers.

When I feel anxious I dance as I work-play. I remember to use my voice as a bit of a chant or song in conversation. Then I recall that all of life is a play being choregraphed and composed as we go along. Massaging myself with motion and creative use of my mind, keeps me in the happy flow. Here, stillness and life in motion meet as one. Duality and oneness are both cherished.

My cat sons Baji and Bala Gopala remind me to be happy! If I worry, I am kissed by Bala Gopala. I am often invited outside by Baji to be on earth. My feline sons remind me that each moment is an opportunity for playful breathing and interacting.

Bala Gopala appears from behind a door. Baji jumps on him. Bala coos. Baji licks his head.

They look into my eyes reminding me how easy it can be. Baji shakes off a little rain. I shake off any stress. I towel him off. He hugs me with his embracing energy. I am home.

Dogs come into the yard. Baji studies them confidently. If they lunge he runs yet maintains a deep equilibrium of equanimity within. This unshakable peace he holds, which holds him back. is palpable in his breath. This life-trust he lives with each second, is evident in his eyes.

I believe we are meant to be the same way. Our capacity for playful joy, while feeling the one heart beat belonging to all is forever available.

How do we utilize the cat’s role modeling to get back to this?


Move the body in curves and shakes while living life.

Use vocal tones as pleasure while speaking.

Remember the theatre production is every moment. You make up the script as you go along so make it joyful.

Feel the one source of light emanating in all experiences.

We hope this article helps you to be happy!

Dr. Laurie Moore with Baji (Jessie Justin Joy #3) and Bala Gopala



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