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Waking Up From The Matrix with Dr. Bruce Lipton

video-tunnel-ideas-picture-id866190484 Waking Up From The Matrix

Summer is winding down and the Evolution is heating-up. Confrontation, strife and violence are becoming daily events. On the surface we see the fire, but beneath in the darkness and quiet, the seeds of a new world are beginning to germinate.

In the face of dysfunctional leadership, a planetary Grassroots Movement by-the-people and for-the-people is arising. The character of this upheaval is that it represents a bottom-up, nonhierarchical community of “ordinary” people taking back control of their personal lives and changing the collective world we inhabit. As the science continuously emphasizes, this is a participatory evolution.

The movie the Matrix is generally perceived as a work of science fiction. In truth, it is a documentary … for the first seven years of life, the mind of every human has been “programmed.” Unfortunately, most people are totally unaware of their own subconscious programming. “Unfortunate” because the vast majority of the invisible programming we acquired create behaviors that are disempowering, limiting and self-sabotaging. AND, they are responsible for shaping 95% of our lives!

In regard to the positive or negative character of our personal programming, we may ask ourselves, “Are we part of the solution, or part of the problem.” The answer to that question can be assessed by reflecting on your life and simply scoring if you are healthy, happy and excited to be alive. If your answers are not to your satisfaction, there is something you can actually do to change the outcome.

The “new” biology shines a Light on the programming process. Knowledge is Power, and the knowledge offered in epigenetics and quantum biophysics reveals how we can regain control over our lives and the destiny of humanity on this planet. In that regard, Margaret and I are currently in Taos, New Mexico, collaborating with Rob Williams, founder of the Psych-K belief change process. Specifically, we are teaching Psych-K Instructors from 11 countries the cellular and neural mechanisms of how we were programmed in our youth, for an even deeper understanding of the work of reprogramming limiting beliefs to free-up our lives. With this knowledge, we can overcome the natural and debilitating assumption that we are victims of world out of control.

If things are not working out in our lives, we have the power to change them. Just as a terminal cancer patient can experience a spontaneous remission and wake-up to a healthy new life, we can all experience a spontaneous re-missioning of our lives through reprogramming limiting beliefs and attitudes. This is where your active participation is required … fortunately, the solution we seek can be found in The Biology of Belief!

With Love, Light and Wishes for Heaven-on-Earth,

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