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What Does Your Clutter Represent for You?

declutter What Does Your Clutter Represent for You?

Clutter is important to look at. What clutter represents, whether it’s nicely organized clutter, stacks and piles, or hoarding … it’s about not wanting to let go. It’s about holding on. It can be about protection … protecting yourself from being seen, keeping yourself safe, abundance (feeling abundant when I see how much stuff I have around me, that gives me value or a sense of value in this world.) It can be about how you identify yourself in the world … there are so many different parts to this.


What are your challenges with stuff and clutter?


What is your perception of why you’re keeping that stuff around you?


Many people struggle with clearing out their space. I’ve worked with people that on the surface things look nice, but you open a cupboard and all the shit falls out, or you look under the bed and there’s piles of stuff. That’s all symbolic.


There’s a saying something like “clear space, clear mind”. When you have a lot of stuff around you, especially when it’s disorganized and piled up everywhere, that’s usually how your mind feels. If you have stuff in tubs that you haven’t seen in 12 months or 5 years, it’s likely that the majority of that stuff is not necessary in your everyday life.


If it’s just stuff for just storage like memorabilia that’s different. If you have clothes, cooking things, etc. and you haven’t used it for that long, that’s a sign.


Look around and ask yourself … what am I using it for then? Why is it still there?


The answer is likely that it is usually a security or abundance issue – or lack thereof I should say. It’s time to start going through some of your things. The things that have the emotional attachment to them are the hardest. Procrastination is really about not embracing and loving ourselves completely.


So, let’s start making room to let more love and abundance in.


Start with 15 minutes a day, setting a timer. Everybody can find 15 minutes – even if it’s just you cleaning out a drawer or one section of your closet, one cabinet, one shelf of the cabinet. It’s at least moving the energy.


We can’t bring more in if we don’t remove it from somewhere. We’ve got to release for new energy to come in. The challenge is that people tend to throw that clutter from one pile to another pile. Get four containers: a throw away, give away, move to another location, and donate. Move it right where it needs to go so you don’t have to deal with it later in another pile. You got to move this stuff … Today!!


What area do you need to clear out and why have you been holding on? ~ SDJ

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