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Your 2¢ From Heaven

Have you ever wanted to get a postcard in the mail from your guardian angel or your guides or loved ones from the other side? If those in heaven could give us their two cents about what’s up in our lives wouldn’t that be amazing?

After I shot my tv show Messages from Spirit in Canada a couple years ago I wrote about my experience tuning into a chorus of humming angels that call themselves Fred ( I know I know I don’t get to have archangels with swords of fire or ancient beings with fancy names like some people, mine seem to be comedians, and it took me ages to figure out they were the same angels I met 30 years ago but I’m good with that and it’s all in my book Uncharted by the way in case you haven’t read it yet) BUT I digress!

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This Is God

Some of the most profound spiritual wisdom tells us that everything and everyone is God and that all that we do is in service to God. I’ve taken that in at deeper and deeper levels the more expansive my spiritual practice has become. Lately I’ve found this awareness popping up at surprising moments to remind me of God’s presence everywhere in my life.


A few weeks ago, I was taking the subway into Boston, and there was an older man at my subway stop, toothless, with a crumpled cardboard sign that read “Homeless Vet.” He greeted everyone who walked by with “Good morning.” As I passed him, I looked into his face, and the thought “This is God” unexpectedly passed through my consciousness. I turned around, pulled out my wallet, wished him “Good morning,” and gave him some money. “God bless you,” he said. I could feel my heart expand. As I boarded the crowded rush-hour train, someone rose from their seat and got off. The woman in front of me held out her open hand to the seat, looking at me and smiling, as if to say, “It’s all yours.” I sat down with tears in my eyes, feeling the angelic energy of the man’s blessing carrying me within the flow of life. God’s presence in everyone….

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Why the Love & Light Revolution may actually be hindering spiritual growth and personal development for many.

As people we are hungry for more peace and love in our lives. Over the past several years spirituality or spiritual growth for the purpose of personal development has become very popular. People are adapting to Eastern and New Age spiritual practices. There are many New Thought Leaders who have surfaced with their own messages and methods of how to create internal happiness and fulfillment. 

This eclectic melting pot of spirituality is what I refer to as the Light & Love Revolution. It is widely believed that focusing on the light and love of God will give a person loving experiences and make them feel good inside. This is only partly true. 
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Why does spiritual awakening require a shift in our priorities?

Fear is what excites the adrenaline. Just look at the daily news. Look at what’s on it. Look at what’s there. Love doesn’t sell, no matter how hard you try. It doesn’t sell. People can’t slow down enough to taste it. Folks go out and see the stars and it slows you down but how many times do you even do that? How many times do you go in and turn on the lights and you turn on the television or turn on something instead?

You turn on, and you tune in, and you drop out, but what you drop out of is the deeper truth and drop into a linear storyline.

Now if you see the nature of this metaphysics that we’re talking about, about ego and the different levels of self.. Ego, and soul, and awareness, or god, or whatever… If you see those then you begin to see what the nature of your curriculum as a soul is, that having taken birth on earth, the work is to awaken out of the karmic illusions that you keep creating, and you draw your awareness back through whatever practices you use to do that.

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View from the Edge—Our Human Journey

I seem to be living on the edge in my life. By that, I don’t mean hanging precariously in a danger zone. I mean delicately balanced between one paradigm and another, old and new, memory and present, personality and soul. Actually, the truer description is that my soul is fully present in the new paradigm, and “I” am increasingly aligned with that pure being-ness, observing remnants of old memories floating by me. I have a sense that this is where many of us are now, as the world “turns upside-down” all around us, and we step over the edge of certainty into mystery, and beyond. We are learning to live from an awareness and a soul presence that is continuously evolving.


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Three Blessings in Spiritual Life – Part 3: A Mirror

This 3- part series explores three capacities we all have, that when cultivated, bring spiritual awakening and serve the healing of our world. Drawing on an ancient teaching story from India, we explore together the power of a forgiving heart, the inner fire that expresses as courage and dedication, and the inquiry of “who am I” that reveals our deepest nature.

From the talk: “These are three qualities often described as the essence of awareness: wakeful, open, tender.”

And a blessing:
May all beings everywhere remember and trust the loving awareness that is our source.
May all beings everywhere live in natural and great peace.
May we touch true joy in living.
May all beings everywhere awaken and be free.”

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If Reality isn’t Naïve, We Shouldn’t Be, Either

On many fronts, describing reality has turned into a kind of Mission: Impossible. This would surprise most people, because in everyday life two versions of reality seem perfectly acceptable. The first version takes reality at face value, trusting the senses—and common sense—to tell us what is real and what isn’t. The second version, known as scientific realism, also relies on the senses but in a more sophisticated fashion—when the eyes tell us that the sun rises in the East, science steps in with the actual facts of astronomy.


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Three Blessings in Spiritual Life – Part 2: Inner Fire

This 3- part series explores three capacities we all have, that when cultivated, bring spiritual awakening and serve the healing of our world. Drawing on an ancient teaching story from India, we explore together the power of a forgiving heart, the inner fire that expresses as courage and dedication, and the inquiry of “who am I” that reveals our deepest nature.

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Exploring the Power of Intuition

I experience quietness as an incredible condition. Within the quietness of mind you hear a kind of deeper process, a deeper wisdom.

I remember at Harvard the rational mind was so highly valued and when somebody said, “I intuitively know it,” it was treated as a kind of weakness. I mean it was so sexist, it was absurd, you know? “Men think, women intuit,” as if it were such a horrible thing to intuit. In the course of these years I’ve seen that change, so that intuition is starting to be trusted more. The fact that you could have an understanding of things from a way of being in the universe that is more subjective than objective, that you’re not knowing it as material, you’re being it, and the action is coming out of it.

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Radical Self-Honesty: The Joy of Getting Real –

Our suffering arises from the unseen, unfelt, resisted parts of our psyche. This talk explores ways we can deepen self-honesty and reconnect to a wholeness of being that enables us to live with spontaneity, confidence, wisdom and love.

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7 Abundance Hacks That Change Everything

Do you perceive money to be something you have to struggle to get? If so, that will be your reality. If you can reframe your perception of abundance, and find joy in creating it, you’ll naturally expand your energy and start attracting more into your life. Remember that abundance is your natural state and there’s no limit to the abundance that the Universe contains.

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A Perfect Pairing: Patience and Trust

In the past, patience has been sort of a situational attribute of mine. Sometimes I’m completely allowing of the gradual unfolding of events, and at other times, I find myself leaning forward, impatient for the next plot twist in my life story—or the planet’s. On a spiritual journey, however, there is no place for impatience or grabbing for the gold at the end of the rainbow. The highest wisdom is that you are holding the gold in your hands right now, and the rainbow is directly in front of your eyes. I re-learn this with regularity the deeper I dive into life’s mysteries. In truth, the story has already been written, and only my soul and God have access to the entire script. So the illusion of control falls away, and I am left to completely surrender to the trajectory of my own life.

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The First Shift Into Truth

This may be redundant to some of you that have read my biography, but after I took psilocybin I had a lot to protect. I had my empire that I had built, and my tenure, and all of my ‘games,’ my antiques, my airplane, and all this stuff.

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Is There “Instant” Enlightenment?

Most people look upon enlightenment—whatever the term means to them-as remote, exotic, and unattainable without extreme effort. Enlightenment is the state a Tibetan Buddhist monk may reach after decades of mediation, or a yogi performing esoteric practices in a cave in the Himalayas. Yet if you strip away the Eastern esoteric context that has become attached to the word “enlightenment,” whatever it is must be a state of awareness. You can’t be enlightened and not know it. (Or if you don’t know it, you must have slipped into this state of awareness very, very gradually.)
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Your Soul Plan

Okay, the way I see it is that God (infinite beingness) and I (my soul) sat down to talk (merge energy essences) before I was born to create a plan (cosmic overview) for my current lifetime (incarnation). After my birth, I forgot the plan, but God didn’t. Everything I experience in my life is here to remind me. As long as I resist “what is,” I am not aligning with my soul’s purpose, who I came here to be. When I surrender to God and the flow of divine energy in “what is,” I too begin to flow and to flower into my soul essence. The ego or personality self takes a supportive role, and my soul rides the wave of expansion and unfolding that life is meant to be.

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Why You Aren't Who You Think You Are

Each of us perceives reality through the filter of a personal self, an "I" that is unique in the world, thanks to the unique experiences we've had since birth. We rely on "I" to be able to navigate through everyday situations, not realizing how limiting "I" actually is. It's fair to say that few people realize how unstable and distorted their sense of self is. To begin with, each of us filters out an enormous portion of the input we receive at a given moment.

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Life's Mystery

Some Native Americans use the term "Great Mystery" to refer to the concept of God or Source energy. It’s such a wonderful usage because within it, humans step back and allow the unknown to be just that—unknown. Many religions spell out the specific attributes of God, the heavenly realm, and its relation to living beings on Earth, including sets of rigid moral codes and laws/commandments. How much more open-ended is the idea of a mystery that we will never understand with the human mind. Our hearts can experience God or the Divine, but we cannot solve the enigma of existence. Perhaps the greatest wisdom lies in acknowledging that and allowing the Mystery to live within and through us without trying to understand it.

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Ram Dass on Personal Roles and Money in the Workplace

It takes facing a lot of truth within yourself to hear the kind of work you can do when you are in your own development. It’s hard to acknowledge that you really want money or the things money can buy, but by making believe you don’t want them you end up deceiving yourself, and picking up something that is deep. Something that is not true to your being and you end up angry and frustrated because you picked wrong. So there is a process of being very honest with yourself about what you need at any point.

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What Do Oracle Cards and Selfies Have in Common?

How do you feel when you do something that you know is 100% authentic to your path? Feels good right? When you’re off track you notice it. Hmmm. Not so good.

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Have Human Beings Stopped Evolving?

No idea has become baked into the social fabric than Darwinism, and yet Darwin himself never meant this to happen. In his mind, he was scientifically describing "the descent of species," a specific notion of how life forms changed over time. Evolution was a rebuttal of the prevailing concept that species were fixed--if honeybees, ferns, and pandas exist, they always had. The momentous discovery of fossils, among other things, offered irrefutable evidence that species could vanish, and more importantly, that current species had ancestors. 

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Panache Desai - Break Free, Break Loose, and Live Wild!
Dr. Sue Morter- The Energy Codes®: Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life
Sandra & Daniel Biskind - No Limits: Cracking the Code to a Platinum Life
Guy Finley - Relationship Magic: Love’s Infinite Journey
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith - The Boldness of Becoming
Rosie Mercado - True Beauty - The Potential in the Broken Pieces
Kute Blackson - Keynote: Living Your Purpose: You Were Born For Greatness
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