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Laugh Your Way To Reduce Stress

laughing Laugh Your Way To Reduce Stress
If you are taking life and yourself too seriously, you are guaranteeing a sure shot way to lead a stressful life.Life for everyone is filled with hassles, inconveniences and myriads of nonsensical nuances, which could be making you feel quite crazy. It is up to you to keep your attitude straight and not allow stress to be the winner of the game. Learn to diffuse most of the stress by keeping a positive attitude and looking at the humorous side of life.LAUGH YOUR WAY TO REDUCE STRESSHumor is considered the greatest stress reducer as it naturally reduces stress in the following ways:1. RELAXES  YOUR BODYThe physical act of laughing reduces the physiological stress level while laughing. When you laugh your Blood Pressure drops, heart rate lowers and your brain releases endorphins that relax the mind.2. ENHANCED IMMUNITYResearch has proved that laughter reduces stress hormones, increases production of disease resisting T cells and increases the chemical Interferon and consequently boosts the immune system.3. LEARN TO LAUGH AT YOURSELFThis robs others of the satisfaction of trying to pull your leg.4. GIVES YOU PERSPECTIVEYou view a stressful situation in a particular way and more objectively.You thereby reduce the stress experience.In our daily lives we are constantly faced with situations that are causing stress. Keeping ourselves isolated does not help in any way. For as long as we are social beings, stress will accrue in our lives, in some form or the other.HELPING OTHERS HELPS USDoing something for others is a stress buffer. Small acts of kindness go a long way. We can evaluate our own helping hand in various ways1. CONNECTS YOUHelping others enhances your personal social support system, this in turn increases your level of connectivity. 2. KEEPS YOU BUSYStress mounts when you have time hanging on your hands. Being busy distracts you from your own worries . You can focus your attention on something more rewarding. 3. GIVES A SENSE OF PURPOSEYou always feel better when you help. Makes you feel life is worthwhile and there is a sense of meaning, purpose and value.4. INCREASES SENSE OF SELF WORTHSelf esteem is enhanced through helping others. There are lesser chances of feeling depressed. Allan Luke founder of Center for Non Profit Leadership at Fordham University found that commonly reported stress symptoms like a headache, arthritis pain and back pain were masked by the positive movement of the volunteers. Phyllis Moen a professor at Cornell University discovered that women who volunteered to help others were less depressed and more satisfied with their lives.RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESSSome small randomly done acts go a long way in producing satisfying feelings for you as well as the people for whom those acts are performed and they are benefiting from these small gestures.1. A kind word2. A small helpful deed3. A common act of courtesyThese could go a long way in giving joy.A COSMIC DIMENSIONIt is imperative for us to understand coming to grips with the unknown. It is only when we understand life from its true perspective do we truly de-stress. Thinking of a higher purpose always keeps us more steady.FAITHThis is truly a great stress buffer. It enhances your ability to cope with life by providing the following:1. PROVIDING A MEANINGWhat is life all about, this is a ethical question bothering all of us.2. STRENGTHENS VALUESLove and kindness need to be promoted. We need to condemn stress producing feelings like anger, hostility, aggression.3.HOPE AND ACCEPTANCEHelps us to encourage a feeling of optimism. A level of faithfulness.4. FAITH UNITESHelps in bringing people together by uniting them with a common happy focus.HEALING POWER OF DOING GOODMost volunteering experiences have been proven to be highly stress management effective. Finding such experiences is very healing. We must exert to reach others so that you can find an area of work where you can find joy.Stress for every individual is a unique experience and yet most of the causes are quite common.Stretch yourself to heal others and feel the healing happen within you. .De stress others to de stress yourself.
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Improve Your Mental and Physical Health With The Power of Laughter

Improve Your Mental and Physical Health With The Power of Laughter Improve Your Mental and Physical Health With The Power of Laughter

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