The Power of the Moment

The other day, I was sitting at lunch with my kids as they started to discuss the Texas shooting and started to wonder why the news had moved on from this story so quickly.

My son said, “Wow, that Texas story was wild. Why aren’t more people talking about that? Isn’t it weird that it just came and went?”

I thought about that. Stories used to stop us all cold in our tracks. Now, they just seem to come and go. Moments that used to bring a collective sense of grief—a collective sense of oneness—now seem to come and go without landing.

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Shiva, Irma…and Faith

Shiva is the power of destruction, dissolution, or transformation in our lives. Nothing entirely new and innovative can be created without this strong, and often unsettling, force that turns the tables on the status quo, normality, and habituation. Without Shiva, our lives would be dull and uneventful—one long Groundhog Day, playing the same scene over and over again. Yet the word destruction strikes fear in our hearts; we freeze at the very thought of losing what is dear to us. Of losing everything.

Hurricanes like Irma, Maria, and Harvey embody this extreme aspect of Shiva. Monumental raging winds and rising water completely obliterate the old, often leaving thousands homeless and grieving the deaths of friends and family. In the aftermath, something new is eventually created, but loss of home and loss of life are not easily assimilated or accepted. Those affected may experience emotional trauma as well as financial burdens. These human crises break our hearts. How do we face life at times like these?

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My ego overpowered my intuitive understanding

This past week, I posted a inspiration from Lao Tzu. It said “ The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.” Intuitive understanding. That's a huge concept to learn and apply to one's life and it jettisoned me back to the afternoon when I was kicked by a mule. How does one distinguish bravery and overcoming fear with intuitive understanding?

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A catastrophic bump in the road

As the needle pierced my skin, my eyes rolled back in my head with relief. Modern drugs are amazing. I knew the pain was still there but finally the intensity had subsided. Drunk on the drugs and drifting in and out of consciousness my body responded in relief. We had been at the hospital emergency for what felt like hours and up until this point, I had been refused any pain medication due to preeminent surgery. My husband rushed me to the hospital from our small town medical clinic when the doctor there was unable to find a pulse in my ankle – inferring I might loose my leg.

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The real Kicker

The looks I receive when someone asks how I was injured are actually quite comical. “Really? A mule kicked you?”. “Yes” I say, and “I am so grateful”. That's the real kicker – to be grateful for the mule, the injury and that Spring day in 2010, when my life took a HUGE turn. It's been one eye-opening journey and I would NEVER trade it in for anything.

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