Why Greece Is The Perfect Destination For A Spiritual Journey

Every year, millions of tourists from around the world travel to Greece to experience its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. But many miss Greece for what it really is: one of the world’s most sacred destinations.

To experience this hidden side of Greece, travellers must dig deep into their own spirituality and explore the country through a pilgrim’s eyes. This means looking beyond the surface of its magnificent ruins and spectacular vistas to connect with the land’s sacred essence.

When this happens, the true nature of Greece (and of the traveller!) are exposed. What makes Greece such a perfect destination for a spiritual journey?

1. Its ancient sites are imbued with sacredness

Greece is home to hundreds of sacred sites, including temples and shrines that have housed sacred rituals and attracted pilgrims from around the world for millennia.

A few of these ancient sites, like the Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon, have become common tourist destinations, while others are away from the large crowds.

Places like Agora, Delphi, the Temple of Apollo, the 13th century monastic site of Mystra and the ancient citadel of Mycenae are just a few of the many sites where sacredness is palpable for those willing to feel it.

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Kogi Support Offered Through The “Land For The Kogi” Initiative

The participants in the December 2016 Colombian Journey, led by Daniel Koupermann and John Perkins, collectively raised $9515 USD to support the Kogi indigenous people. The primary goal for these funds was to purchase land for the community of Tayku.

I (Farrah) was the only representative from our group able to return to Colombia to oversee the distribution of our funds and participate in the pilgrimage with the Kogi. Daniel arranged the logistics for the pilgrimage, caring for all the details of transportation, accommodations and meals. Our friend and local guide Jaruen also played an important role, coordinating directly with the Kogi to prepare the paperwork and make arrangements for gathering the Kogis for the pilgrimage.


On December 13, 2017 the four joint owners of the land and a representative of the Kogi community, Juan, met at the notary office in Santa Marta, Colombia to transfer the deed of ownership to the Kogis. Daniel, Jaruen and I were also there.

Two plots of land were purchased using the money raised by the 2016 group. One plot will be used primarily for agriculture. The second plot of land sits at the base of a hill that is sacred to the Kogi community. The Kogis will use this land to gather materials to build a ceremonial structure on the hill, and also as a buffer so that no other construction can compromise this sacred area.

Our funds enabled the Kogi to acquire 19.77 acres of land in total (8 hectares).



According to tradition, it is important for every Kogi Mamo—trained spiritual leader—to do ceremonies at particular sacred sites a certain number of times in their lives. Unfortunately, in these modern times, it has become very difficult for the Mamos to fulfill this obligation.

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The Pyramids’ Message

I prepare to return to the sacred sites of the Maya and join their shamans in life-changing ceremonies and personal readings and healings, and I think about the lessons their history has taught us. Our world today is threatened by crises similar to those experienced by them many centuries past. Although I wrote about them more than 20 years ago, the lessons are relevant today like never before.

The great Stone pyramid rose out of the jungle like a volcano into the morning sky. A monument to endurance, it had defied gods who sent hurricanes across the Gulf of Mexico to destroy it and grave robbers who hacked away at it for countless centuries, picking it clean of all its jade and gold, leaving only the rocks, the plants that took root along its precipitous walls, and the carved figure at its summit.

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The Importance of Pilgrimage in Today’s Fast-Paced World

Our Tour Leader Phil Cousineau recently sent us a copy of an interview he did with another of our Tour Leaders, Virginia Schenck, back in 2006. The interview is compelling reading, delving into the importance of pilgrimage in today’s fast-paced world and how critical it can be in the lives of the younger generation in particular. We’ve edited the original interview a little to make it easy to read in this blog format. Our thanks to both Phil and Virginia for sharing this insightful piece with us.

Virginia: What is it about a pilgrimage that calls out to us?

Phil: Traditionally, the call to pilgrimage came during either a spiritual crisis or an opportunity to fulfill a spiritual obligation. The long walk down what used to be called “the glory road” was meant to give a pilgrim ample time to contemplate deep issues that couldn’t be answered at home. Today, the call may even be more intense because life has become so frenetic that most of us claim not to have enough to think about spiritual issues on the traditional level, but also other deep concerns, such as failing marriages, job crises, or the general malaise. The cry for pilgrimage is an antidote to our over-amped lives.

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Top 10 Things To Do & See in Paris: Discover its Literary, Cultural & Epicurean Soul

Temple of the Moon at Huayna Picchu – One of Peru’s best-kept secrets?

Machu Picchu is arguably one of the greatest archaeological finds of the twentieth century and a must-visit site on most Peru itineraries. Fewer visitors, however, make the steep ascent up Huayna Picchu, and fewer still venture to the hidden Temple of the Moon.

The impressive, and well photographed, Huayna Picchu

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Hitting the Road … or the Sky? My travel MUST HAVES!!!!!!

This fall, I have five back-to-back trips over two and a half months. Lots of travel … Which I LOVE!

I’ll be in Sedona – for my sold-out retreat, Puerto Penasco, Mexico – for my son’s wedding, Sedona again – Celebrate Your LifeThe Florida Keys – Writer’s Retreat (still a couple spots open) and Punta Cana – to officiate an amazing couple’s wedding (yes, I travel to cool locations to officiate weddings – it’s a tough job, but some lucky gal has to do it!)

These trips are going to be fabulous. All work (fun) trips, except the Mexico trip for my son’s wedding … Which I am sooooo excited about! WOOHOO!!! I am blessed to be able to travel to such fun places for my JOB. It truly is fabulous. Next year I already have a trip or two booked every month. It’s going to be a busy 2018 🙂 YAY!!!

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7 Must-Visit Sacred Sites in South India

If you’re looking for a vacation where you can visit spiritual sites, holy temples, power places as well as experience incredible local food and culture, South India is hard to beat! Here’s our round-up of 7 of our favourite sacred sites in South India – some well-known while others lie off the usual tourist trails!

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The Poulnabrone Dolmen and the Mystery of Portal Tombs

Poulnabrone dolmen is an example of a portal dolmen or portal tomb, not to be confused with passage tombs such as Newgrange! Dolmens are found in Ireland and throughout the world and are generally characterized as a single-chamber megalithic tomb, often consisting of three or more upright stones (megaliths) supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (table). (1)

Poulnabrone dolmen on the Burren plateau in Ireland is a classic example of a portal tomb. Photo: Sacred Earth Journeys participant David ChasisWhat is a dolmen?

Dolmens are thought to have been ancient tombs or burial markers and also served as places for ritual and worship although their exact purpose and significance is still debated by scholars and researchers. There are dolmen sites throughout Europe and Asia, including the dolmen Er Roc’h Feutet (Roch-Feutet) in Carnac, France, the Monte Bubbonia in Sicily, several in Gochang, South Korea and in Kerala, India.

Dolmens in Ireland

There are around 180 dolmens in Ireland known by many different names including stone tables, Cromleachs, or Giants’ Graves. They feature in Irish mythological stories and folklore and are often associated with graves of famous giants or warriors. (2)

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Maya Temples of Transformation: Watch our favourite moments from our recent journey

Earlier this year, our founder, Helen Tomei, accompanied our group on the journey: “Maya Temples of Transformation with Freddy Silva & Miguel Angel Vergara: A Sacred Journey from Palenque to Tikal”. She took several videos during the journey on her iPhone that nicely reflect the spirit of this tour.

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From Animism to Buddhism – 10 Things You Need To Know About Religion in Cambodia

What is animism?

What is Animism? How does it relate to Buddhism? Read 10 facts about religions in Cambodia today and see why this country is so spiritually rich.

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Why Aren’t Gypsy Hearts Really Appreciated In This World?

I have a gypsy heart. I wish sometimes that I didn’t. Believe you me, it is a difficult thing nowadays to have a gypsy heart. The world is set up in a manner where you are better off, if you don’t have a raving, roaming, travelling gypsy heart. It is better if you have a heart that likes to stay in one place for all of its life, one place forever and ever. Preferably the place where you were born and where you are going to die. The world doesn’t like too much movement right now. Why can’t you just be happy staying in one place, for God’s sake, people admonish me.

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Finding the Holy In a Tradition Not My Own

Today’s post is by guest blogger Bob Sessions. Bob was a participant on our “Maya Temples of Transformation with Freddy Silva and Miguel Angel Vergara” journey – this blog piece is the final instalment in a series about the journey. Earlier posts, written by Lori Erickson, explore the sacred sites of Tikal and Palenque, and the mysteries of Mayan ceremonies

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The Mayan Mysteries of Palenque

Striking, isn’t it?

And maybe a bit unsettling?

I came upon this figure at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Bob and I and our friend Brian spent several days in Mexico City before starting our Maya Temples of Transformation tour with Sacred Earth Journeys. Our time at this museum—one of the world’s greatest—gave us an invaluable background for what we would later see on our Maya trip.

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Return to Vaidyagrama, Ayurveda Healing Village

The Ayurveda Health & Healing Retreat in India hosted by Ayurvedic Consultant Jaisri M. Lambert has just wrapped up. In this guest blog article Jaisri shares a diary of her time at Vaidyagrama, gifting us with an insightful glimpse into an authentic panchakarma cleansing program.

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Discover Peru’s Recipe for Natural Healing

What makes a journey to Peru so satisfying? How does a vacation help heal and transform us? Here we look at some of the vital ingredients that make Peru such an important place for sacred travel, healing, and transformation.

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7 Steps To Becoming A Digital Nomad

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘I want to become a digital nomad (DNs), but I don’t know where to start??’ Well, I get those kinds of questions all the time from my Instagram, Facebook, and even my blog.

I have people asking me how they can become a digital nomad. Some of them pay me for my coaching services, and others aren’t willing to do the work it akes to become one. If you want a brief glimpse into the work that it takes to become a digital nomad, then this (extremely long) blog post is for you.

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7 Tips for Creating Sacred Holiday Travel Moments

Travelling during the holidays might not always easily lend itself to sacred moments – airport line-ups, tired children, stressful connections, bad weather… it can sometimes all seem like too much. If you are travelling this winter – or just staying cozy at home – read on for our top tips for carving out some sacred time over the holidays no matter how challenging your journey may be!

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Why Am I Obsessed With The Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

Why am I obsessed with the digital nomad lifestyle? Why do I want to spread it to the ends of the Earth? Why do I talk about it incessantly? These are all great questions. Valid ones, too.

Time Freedom Is True Freedom

My answer? It is because Digital Nomads (DNs) in my opinion are free in the true sense of the word. In my opinion, they are the freest of the humans out there. There aren’t any that are freer. I know people dream about becoming celebrities, or billionaires, but in my opinion, these individuals are not free. They cannot travel anywhere they want at their own whim. They might have a lot of money, but they lack time.

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The Cuba Travel Experience – An Interview with Phil Cousineau

Now is the perfect time to visit Cuba! In April 2017 writer and TV host Phil Cousineau will be leading a very special journey to the heart of Cuba to explore the culture, history, and sacred sites of this spectacular island country. In this exclusive interview he shares his personal connection to Cuba and explores some of the many highlights of this tour.

Sacred Earth Journeys: If you only had 3 words to describe your upcoming Cuba journey, what would they be?

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Already Here: A Doctor Discovers the Truth about Heaven

Already Here: A Doctor Discovers the Truth about Heaven

Already Here tells of the death of Leo Galland’s son, Christopher, at the age of 22; the direct visual evidence Christopher showed him that our souls do go on; and the communications he received from Christopher’s spirit that dramatically changed Leo’s understanding of life and its meaning.

30 Simple Ways to Create Balance and Connection

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