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The Water of Life - Your Most Important Daily Practice

Water is magical. It sustains life. It exists simultaneously in three seperate states. It has been a part of human ritual and religion since the dawn of time. It covers the majority of the world and it comprises the majority of each of us. In a very real sense, water is where the physical and the spiritual meet. It is indeed aqua vitae - the water of life.

At this point in my life (especially now that I’m post-AARP) I have a profound appreciation for my good health. I call it feeling “star spangled”! You know what I’m talking about: energy is flowing, eyes sparkle, thinking is crystal clear, digestion is running smoothly, free from illness, and joints are pain-free as though they’ve just been WD-40’d.


When I’m in this state, I look and feel at least 25 years younger. I feel as though I’m glowing from the inside out. I can easily connect to my inner guidance, my compassion is endless, my energy is boundless, and my joy and positive attitude are infectious. It’s a fantastic feeling. It’s the way we’re supposed to feel.

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Is There a "Point" to Disappointment?

"People are not born once and for all on the day their mother puts them on to the Earth, but...time and again, life forces them to enter a new world on their own."     Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Lying in a hospital bed on the maternity floor in North Central Bronx Hospital, I received a text from a new mom friend I recently met. She wanted to know if "my baby girl was born yet." I replied she "arrived three days prior and, with uncontrolled tears, I texted that I had a c-section." She replied, "Congratulations! Welcome to the C-club."  My kneejerk reaction was that this was not a club I wanted to join. I was not supposed to be the 1 in 4 women who have c-sections every year.   


"I was not supposed to be the 1 in 4."


When I became pregnant back in January, my plan was to have a homebirth. I was a homebirth. When I was growing up, my mother shared wonderful stories about my birth. You could say home-birthing was in my cellular memory.  It was who I was, and aligned with how I tried to live my life: naturally. I envisioned bringing our baby into the world in the comfort of our new home, with little to no medical intervention.  

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How to Get a Handle on Hormonal Mood Swings

Good morning everyone!

One of the most biologically frustrating realities of being a woman are the mood changes that come with hormonal fluctuations. I’ve soothed countless friends (and they have comforted me!) through emotional upheavals that felt dire one day, only to seem insignificant the next. The difference in 24 hours? Our monthly cycle.

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Meditating Cancer – Part 3: Radiation

Through the many months of combating my breast cancer, meditation and visualization were such a part of my life, it came as easily as breathing in and breathing out. I felt no fear or angst; peacefulness pervaded me.

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Meditating Cancer – Part 2: The Surgery

When I meditate, I begin with the words: I am one with the Universe. Immediately, I feel as though a warm light flows throughout my body. It’s exhilarating, as if the words hold magic. These words may not resonate for you; you may have to find the right words that give you power. For me, I am one with the Universe immediately places me in a meditative state, readying my mind to open for my visualization routine. Once my mind is there, I add: “My life is health, abundance, and love. The path I am on is what it must be; it is a perfect path.”

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Meditating Cancer

I have always been a spiritual being. I believe in a higher power, however, I never gave it a face. Therefore, I am not a Jew – Christian – Muslim – Buddhist – or any other specific denomination, nor am I an agnostic. I do not fall into these individual categories. Yet I am a faithful human being -- a tiny part of the Universe that surrounds us. I am Love.

I do not gossip. I do not commit anger against myself or others. I prefer to step aside from confrontation, unless it is against me or my family. I believe in human rights, especially the right to live in peace.

But do not think that I am Vanilla. I face adversity in my own way. So it was, after a routine mammogram, I received news that every woman fears. The results were clear. My Internist said, “I have bad news and good news.”

I braced myself for the worse.

The bad news is you have breast cancer in your left breast.”

What’s the good news?”

You’re very lucky.” I’d never heard the words “lucky and cancer” spoken in the same sentence. He added, “Your cancer is very small and we caught it early.”

Oh, lucky me! I immediately flashed to my mother’s death; she died of breast cancer at the age of 65; I was now 71. Dazed, my husband and I left the Internist’s office awaiting a referral to a surgical oncologist. Terror, damp fear, and angst gripped me like the fierce hug of a Grizzly; any moment now I would be torn apart by eight-inch claws.

I knew women who had survived breast cancer, yet I could not contact them. I was afraid to hear their details; I did not want to be swayed by another’s experience. I detached myself from them and isolated myself from the people around me, and like Hester Prynne, I wore the scarlet letter “C.”

I spoke about my feelings with only my husband, daughter, and several very close friends. Yet a friend of a friend called me, regaling me with a cancer tale of horror. I cut her off; I would hear none of it.

I knew I was psychologically paralyzed, but to move forward, I chose meditation and visualization, a life-affirming means to help me cope. I created a meditation “room” on my little front porch. I visualized myself healthy and cancer free, while repeating the following:

I am one with the Universe; my life is health, abundance, and love. The path I am on is what it must be; it is a perfect path.”

My oncologist, Dr. Janet Ihde, was warm, understanding, and direct. She explained my cancer required a lumpectomy (the surgical removal of the small tumor and the area of surrounding tissue). However, after learning about my mother’s breast cancer, plus the fact that I am an Ashkenazi Jew (of European heritage) the question of the BRCA gene arose. One out of four Ashkenazi women inherits the gene, which amplifies the chance of breast cancer, and requires a bilateral mastectomy, the removal of both my breasts. It also carried an even deadlier possibility: I might pass the gene on to my daughter and granddaughter. A lethal gift that keeps on giving.

Abysmal feelings of guilt shrouded me, like a plague-infested blanket. When I called my daughter who lived in another state, explaining the situation, both of us cried. I kept repeating, “I’m so sorry,” as though I had already infected her.

Two days later, my insurance company denied the BRCA gene test. After hours of life-affirming meditations and visualations, I soldiered up and called my insurance company, asking for a Patient Advocate. I had, up to then, never interfered with the insurance carrier’s “last word.” But, not now. I would allow no negative interference. When the Advocate answered, I forced myself to remain calm; hysterics would not do. As I described my family history, and the need for the test, I mentally repeated my mantra. Immediately, the advocate asked for my oncologist’s fax number. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Gewelber, I have just reversed the decision. I am now faxing over your approval.” Just like that!

This was the first time I felt in control in weeks. Happily, I walked into the Comprehensive Cancer Center the next day and took the blood test. Leaving the center, I repeated my mantra and saw myself void of the BRCA gene. Yet, as you can imagine, four very anxious days passed while awaiting the outcome. My meditations and visualizations were on overdrive. I did not veer from my life-affirming thoughts. At last, I received the call.

I did not carry the gene!


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Hot Mama! A Salad to Quench that Menopausal Heat!

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!

Today’s video is very specifically for all my sisters out there going through that major life change, Menopause! If you’re struggling with the mood swing and hot flashes that the loss of estrogen brings on, then you’ll want to tune into today’s video.

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