It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Ego Puppy’s Tips to a Stress Free Holiday Season

egopuppy Ego Puppy’s Tips to a Stress Free Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!

Do those words cause you a bit of stress?

For some, the holidays bring on the extra pressure of gift giving and far too many activities. For others, the holidays bring feelings of loneliness and depression.

For you it could be the uncomfortable conversations with people you rarely see or maybe you’re just tired of the same old jokes, jabs and drama.

Whatever it is that causes you stress during the holidays, rest assured that lots of others feel the same way.

Take a breath. It’s ok!

Let’s start this holiday season off on the right foot. Instead of dreading what’s to come, enjoy the beauty of the season feeling relaxed and happy.

Here are 3 things you can do to get started:

Get to know your Ego Puppy

Imagine being the proud owner of a new puppy. It comes to you with all the needs of a new baby. It needs constant love, affection, attention and nourishment to reach its full potential.

And just like a new baby puppy, sometimes little Ego Puppy just doesn’t behave. He runs amok, destroying your possessions and piddles all over the floor!

Now imagine this little Ego Puppy is your own ego mind, running amok and causing problems for everyone.

And here’s something else to consider, everyone else in your family got a member of Ego Puppy’s litter at the same time.

Although unique in so many ways, all ego puppies have the same original configuration. They have all been born broadcasting their own brand of ego mind concepts, and need to be trained out of disruptive, disease causing confusion.

You can’t control the Ego Puppies each family member brings to the holiday gathering, but you can work on training your own.

Let’s get started.

Use The 4 Questions to Get Back on Track

It’s important to identify the moment you are feeling less than your best self and instantly course correct to get back on track to a joyful holiday.

These 4 Questions will not only shift your state instantly, but they will help you awaken your consciousness as you become mindful of how you are thinking and how your thoughts affect your life, your health, your relationships and your happiness.

Answer the questions honestly and spontaneously and stay focused on the answer to question number four for as long as you can.

1. What am I feeling?
2. What am I focused on?
3. What do I want to feel?
4. What focus will that serve?

Start having fun exploring where, when and how your thoughts separate you from your own amazing, divine self and others.

As soon as you are feeling fear, negativity or pain recognize that you need to access your True Self and transform your experience to one of happiness, peace and freedom.

Raise Your Love Vibration

Did you know that Love is a state of energy, not an emotion?

In fact, it’s the most powerful energy of the cosmos. It’s the catalyst of creation and creativity and is infinitely powerful.

Love is the frequency of success in all that you do!

Would you like more love in your life this holiday season?

We would like to help you fully embrace each day with peace, joy, happiness and love.

Click here to receive this free guided visualization to help you raise your love vibration and attract more love and support into your life.

Listen to it every morning!

You’ll immediately feel a difference!

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success

Happy holidays!

Sandra and Daniel

PS. Have fun training your Ego Puppy!

PPS. This is the first blog post in a series we’ll be sharing to help you embrace the holiday season feeling peaceful, free from stress and filled with love. Watch for the next one and be sure to share with those who need it most!

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