Embrace “No Big Deal” and Raise Your Vibrational Frequency


If you’re like many people, you want to know how to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Perhaps you’re someone who gets to a higher vibrational frequency when you meditate or do yoga. Then you step off the mat or cushion and, poof, that state of bliss is gone in an instant.

What I share in The Energy Codes® is how to masterfully work with and move the electromagnetic energy system that is who you are. As you discover how to do this in an intentional way a byproduct is your magnificence reveals and it’s no big deal. As we ignite the circuits to anchor more fully in our core, those higher vibrational experiences we seek in life become sustainable.

As we utilize the mind and breath, and anchor inside the core of the body, we’re able to open up patterns of self-healing and illumination. Your life experience changes. You change your relationships. You change your financial circumstances. You change any aspect of life you’re interested in transforming.

Life is not supposed to be complicated. We are the leader and creator of our life experience.

What’s the big deal?

My invitation to you is, what can you step into today and make it no big deal? Maybe something that’s been a big deal that’s held you hostage. We’ve been holding ourselves hostage for too long. Perhaps it’s time to simply release, open, and surrender into a greater life experience.

As we realize that we are the Creator of our experience, we take responsibility for what we’re creating. As you do, you step into a higher vibrational frequency that is sustainable.

When you consciously embody this higher vibration that is pouring into and through you all the time, the energy that emanates and rolls off of you impacts the energy field of everybody around you. In fact, it impacts the entire bandwidth of humanity.

Everyone is impacted because you decide to let it be okay.

When you choose to be the one to bring the solution instead of make your point and “win” an argument, a shift occurs because you open to possibility. You open to the “both and,” and “the yes.”

What if no one wins?

Because nobody wins an argument.

An argument is an invitation to lower your vibrational frequency, whether it is you against the you “inside your head” or you and someone “out there.” No one wins.

When you see or feel an argument ready to happen and you say, “No,” you are saying yes to greater possibility. As you surrender any defenses and choose to love into the circumstances, you say “Yes” to a bigger world.

In those “Yes” moments, you elevate your own frequency. You start to transcend the primitive brain and access those higher vibratory states you desire.

If you don’t get in the way and defend your protective personality, you are available to surrender any perceived limits and receive the Essential Self that is always present. This results in abundance, healing, and wholeness. It leads to a variety of amazing experiences in your life.

Instead of looking inward, we often look to the outer world and strategize to figure out how to make things happen. As we look inward, we sense what is naturally and automatically already happening through you.

More often than not, we do get in the way because we don’t know otherwise. We get in the way because we’ve been doing it this way our whole life. It’s all you know, like the fish that doesn’t know it’s in water—it’s always been that way.

What if everyone wins?

As you discover how to anchor in the core of the body and breath in the Central Channel, you begin to identify from a bird’s eye view perspective. Rather than being stuck, you see, “Here’s one of those moments where I feel really stuck. I’m blinded by a limiting perspective, because it’s all I know.”

We’re supposed to replenish and begin again all the time. Beginning again happens as we allow, no matter what the circumstances, an openness to possibility, a surrender, a sense of okayness. It happens naturally.

Each time we begin again, we are seated in a transformative disposition. You come to old issues in new ways.

Let’s begin again in this moment because we tend to make a big deal out of pretty much everything, and it’s actually no big deal. It’s no big deal that you are magnificent. It’s really important that we let go and stop trying to make it a big deal.

It’s no big deal to allow yourself to glow, to flourish, to be loving, and to be loved.

Are you willing to allow life to…

  • Be beautiful
  • Be amazing
  • Be miraculous

While you also let it be no big deal because it’s simply not supposed to be a big deal.

The “miracles” that happen in your life when you open to the Soulful Self aren’t supposed to be a big deal. That’s supposed to be the way that you’re living—all the time.

It’s supposed to be an expression of the Real You.

Life is about letting things be simple, fun, and easy. Can you simply be…

  • Loving and be loved
  • Kind and receive kindness
  • Healing and be healed
  • Strong and be vulnerable

The big deal

The big deal is, how do you feel? How do you allow yourself to feel?

Do you make it a big deal to be young, vital, or present? Do you choose love?

Do you carry a grudge or a chip on your shoulder because you want others to see it your way? Do you stress because you think things should go differently? Perhaps you’re still upset about something that’s been going on for five, 10, 40 years? Maybe it’s something that happened 30 years ago.

Perhaps you’re still making it a big deal about those things now. What is important for us to know is—it’s not a big deal. It’s no big deal to let go of it.

There are things we can do to help establish this “no big deal” aspect and allow beauty to happen with ease in our lives. There are vibrational frequencies that we can tap into and work with. How familiar are you with trust and faith? Or the energy of intimacy? The vibration of love?

Ask yourself, “How often do I decide to be in love—today, right now, in this moment?” Perhaps it’s time to answer with, “I’m going to walk around in love today. I’m simply going to ‘do’ love today, no matter what else happens.”

While at the same time, make it no big deal to be absolutely delighted in life.

Choose to look with delight at the people who cross your path, to really look—

  • Into their soul
  • Into their heart
  • And allow this connectivity to exist in your life

Realize, it’s no big deal. Perhaps engage with people while you “do love today.” It doesn’t have to be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be under just the right circumstances.

In fact, if the circumstances are not in your favor, all the better. Because that’s when magic happens. You ignite circuits to understand and experience yourself as Creator. The One who brings it—presence, which is love—regardless of your external circumstances.

“Bring it” and you start to tap into higher and higher frequencies, which means the energy of your life becomes lighter. Life becomes luminescent and effervescent. All those essence words are important. They are the vibrational frequencies that describe HeavenEarth. That’s the big deal.

To experience Heaven while on Earth, and to live what I call HeavenEarth—one unified space. That’s the big deal we’re supposed to be living.

As Dr. Sue says, the Energy Codes enable you to “build a set of circuitry so you can live from deep, intuitive space, always guiding your life from a higher vibrational frequency.” If you’re ready to take full ownership of the energy that you ARE…

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