Embrace With Love The Symphony of Your Emotions During This Holy Days Season


What if you were to allow your emotions to become devotion, instead of being suppressed?

When the thinking mind is overworking, we have a tendency to generate a life of rigidity and fixed emotions. Our actions in the world become mentally driven, and we lose touch with the essence of what matters most in life.

We are in the midst of the Holy Days, a time of year when light is more easily accessible and, no matter our specific circumstances, we are each gifted with this light. We get to choose to receive this delight, joy, love, and presence that is so available to us now. 

Joy is present as we embrace all emotions – even the ones we don’t typically like to feel – because they are an attempt to ground the Self. All emotions are expressions of love trying to organize into a system of flow. Each is equal and necessary for your wholeness to land here, in a body.

Through the power of free-will choice, forgiveness, and our creative capacity, we each have the ability to take any energy – maybe you're experiencing life circumstances that feel black and white, rigid, or dull – and open into a full-color life experience. 

You have the power to shift from rigidity into spontaneity, delight, and joy in ways that the outer world might not be providing for you right now.

During the Holy Days season, we have an enhanced opportunity to know ourselves as Creator and generate full-color experiences out of the raw, and at times challenging, materials of life.

You have the capacity, as you embrace the power of an emotional state, to alchemize anything and everything. As your subconscious witnesses you, the Creator, in action, transformation occurs, and devotion births. 

As we infuse devotion into our daily lives, the joy, the peace, the presence becomes palpable and the mind begins to come-from a devotional state. 

When we allow devotion, there is a beautiful transformation that happens.

You start to realize, “I am the one in charge of this life experience. I'm here to transmute my history into my new reality. I get to choose – my feelings matter.”

I invite you to take a moment now and feel an emotion that is rising or one that presents itself regularly. Take a breath in and feel it. Love it compassionately. Hold a space for whatever emotion is present and open your body to this feeling. 

Then exhale into the earth. Inhale again as you draw up the power of Mother Earth to help support this embrace. Breathe up into the belly and open your heart to this emotion. Roll your eyes up and exhale out your crown to two feet above your head.

Draw in the high frequency light, the breath from the Divine, that is so accessible during these Holy Days and allow for guidance and support to unpack the true meaning of these emotional states.

The meaning may not be revealed in this moment. However, as you embrace the emotion with high frequency light, it can reveal. Exhale into the belly and feel a willingness to collaborate with all emotional states. Let yourself feel the emotion that’s rising, whether it's anger, frustration, sadness, fear, anxiousness… any sensation at all. Have it! 

As you bring attention to that emotional state, accept it. Embrace it as valid. Honor it as you allow in this liquid-lighted love of the Holy Days to flow into the body. Open and receive this light and allow it to be added to the emotional state or pattern in the body so they infuse into each other.

As you breathe deep into the belly and feel the emotions, you can metabolize them into usable energy essential for wholeness. 

Allow what's rising to be good because you say it is so. You are the Creator of your life experience.

The energies of your acceptance and authenticity will set you free. As you allow the mind to honor the truth of what is rising, you automatically become more compassionate, loving, grounded, strong, and a powerful, beneficial presence on the planet.

As you embrace the truth of who you are here, emotional states metabolize and turn into the power of love.  

Allow this beautiful state of embrace and accept what is in this moment. This devotion to the truth, to love, contributes to the greatest truth here on earth – your power to alchemize all experiences into love. 

Join me on December 21, the solstice, as we gather from around the globe for two special, free events. Allow yourself to open, receive, and anchor all your emotions as you experience this precious light so readily available during this Holy Days season. Register here to join us for BodyAwake® Yoga at 11 AM ET and register here to join us for a Global Solstice Celebration of the light and healing at 8:30 PM ET.

With Great Love,

Dr. Sue


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