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Embracing the Sage: Anti-Aging to Eternal Being

Embracing the Sage: Anti-Aging to Eternal Being - Dr. Sue Morter

Aging is a natural process occurring for each of us, although it’s one we’ve been taught to resist. With the numerous serums, health products and procedures promising to help win the battle against aging, many are caught up in this constant “fight” against aging and left desperately looking for the next miracle product to stop or even reverse the natural effects of time’s passing. In fact, so pervasive is this growing resistance to the aging process that, according to Orbis Research, “the global anti-aging market is estimated to reach $331.41 billion by 2021.”

The fact is, there is no miracle product or serum. Aging is going to happen, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. When it comes to our views on aging, there is a deeper truth we can embrace, and one which would benefit us greatly as a society.

Currently, our culture places our value on external appearances. We obsess about how we’re perceived, how we get ahead by the way people perceive us, if we’re going to be respected, or if we’re going to get the attention that we need, etc. It’s a focus that leaves us constantly looking for validation and our worth from the outside in.

However, in a time not too long ago, there was more value placed on the internal aspect of our life. The wise old sage was the most coveted individual in the tribe. He or she was the leader of the people, the most respected, and the one whom everyone looked to for guidance.

No matter how old or young you are in this moment, this “sage” resides within you. Your soul, or Essential Self as I like to call it, is the eternal part of you that is rooted in truth. Just as science proves energy cannot either be created or destroyed, this part of you is actually lifetimes old and is constantly wanting to reveal itself as your own wisdom.

When we tap that wisdom and bring it forward, we feel alive. We feel youthful, engaged in life, and like we’re part of a greater picture. We feel like we’re a part of something meaningful in life and by tapping our wisdom, we allow ourselves to stay in our natural flow which is always rejuvenating and replenishing itself.


Feeling Old

The “sage” is always in you, however if at times you don’t feel connected to that part of yourself, you may feel tired and like you’re many years older than you actually are. You might age in that you’re here on the planet longer, but if you’re not feeling younger every year, it is because you haven’t mastered why you’re here.

You’re here to realize that you’re not of this world, that you are an eternal, replenishing, flowing spirit energy.

The real you is an essence that is a pure stream of consciousness. While that might seem like a big “out there” picture, it isn’t so much. It’s the truth of who you are, and quantum science is teaching us that that is what we are.

The field of Bio-Energetics studies how energy moves through the body. It’s not just that you’re made of energy, but that dynamic process of energy moving or flowing is what actually allows for healing and rejuvenation and maintaining a youthful system.

Anything that blocks the energy flow in your system is really what you’re battling. If you’re feeling older, it is because you’re holding onto stuff and carrying energetic baggage around that doesn’t matter to you. But, here’s the amazing, magical cue and clue regarding this:

The very thing that you’re fighting is what you have to embrace so that you’re no longer stuck.


 Here’s what I mean…


Let’s say you’ve encountered something over the course of your life that was not pleasant and in fact, may have been overwhelming such as the sudden loss of a relationship, a disappointment in your career or an unforeseen death of a loved one. These situations short circuit our system to the degree our survival mechanism kicks in and says, “I don’t know how we’re going to deal with this, but for right now, let’s just set it over here so we can keep going. Let’s just process it later.”

In moments such as these, the subconscious grabs ahold of whatever that emotion is and tucks it away somewhere so you can keep functioning and moving ahead. Each time that happens, that tiny “tucked away” emotion ends up stopping some of your energy flow and herein lies the problem. We pack these emotions up and they collect over time and begin to bog the system. When you encounter another issue a little further down the road it feels overwhelming and that “stuckness” of energy causes our system to weaken. Then, we begin to feel bogged down. We equate this heavy, bogged-down feeling with being old.  We look in the mirror and wonder, “How did I get so worn down? How did I get so exhausted?”

The first thing to do when you reach this place is recognize that you’re not old. You’re eternal (which means you’re actually quite ancient, right?)

Being ancient is better than being old, and it’s the truth of the “sage” we have to tap into. The other truth we have to recognize is this: We can handle and process those energetic disturbances we’ve been collecting in our “pockets” our entire life.

We must begin to see these situations as actually acting in our favor. Whatever it may have been, it was not there to overwhelm you or take you out of the game. It was calling you forward to recognize your greatness and allow you to perceive your magnificence. When we can start to recognize that and build the circuitry to perceive in that fashion, we then become more empowered. When we start to process these unresolved issues in our lives, we begin to feel lighter. We allow the energy that’s been stuck for years, maybe decades to begin to flow through our systems once again. 

As that happens, we begin to glow. 

With energy flowing through our bodies, we feel lighter, younger, stronger and more vital. We find ourselves, amazingly, less caught up in this huge fight that everyone is fighting – the battle and war against aging.

 The “victory” in the battle against aging is a matter of changing your perspective. If you want to win this battle of aging, you have to stop the fight itself. The best way to win a war is to not participate in it at all. The best way to stop a battle is to not see it as a battle.

 Instead of seeing each passing year as one in which you are growing older, begin to see it as an opportunity for you to take a deeper look at the truth of who you are. If you connect with your inner sage and allow your wisdom to ride freely and create this wave of expression in your life, your life will change. You will begin to feel more vital.

 There are people in my coursework who are in their 80’s and 90’s who tell me they feel younger than they have felt in decades. And, they look radiant. When they speak, others can’t get enough of what they have to say because they’re speaking from their wisdom. They’ve allowed the hardships in their life to become nudges toward their own greatness. The issues that were unresolved are now processed and contribute to their deep knowingness, or their willingness to be present, loving, forgiving, and most importantly, to be themselves. When they connect the dots in such a way, they glow, emanating an essence we all want a part of.

This can happen for you no matter what age you are, and no matter what has been stored in the pockets of your life. If you’re constantly fighting this aging process, I want to tell you it’s in your favor. It’s your time to recognize you too can be younger every year.  You just have to learn how to connect those dots again, drop into your core and connect with that inner-sage residing deep within. Allow your energy to flow through your body and use you deep wisdom to allow it to flow through your life. Living from that place will allow you to be bigger – and feel younger – than you thought you ever could be.

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