It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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End the Rush to Nowhere


When we rush, we are not at peace. We don't see the world as it is; we only see whatever it is that doesn’t line up with what we have determined is “the way things ought to be.” Instead of being an inwardly centered person, our full attention is outwardly directed. 

Such an anxious state could not exist without our false belief that who we are, our well-being, is connected to something happening exterior to ourselves. This mistaken idea is driving us, compelling us to get the situation resolved, the person fixed right now, because then we will be back in a peaceful place.

If we are truthful about our life experience though, it is obvious that as long as we believe we have something to lose because of our identification with any temporary exterior condition or circumstance, we remain subject to every outer condition.

Occasionally though, we may get a glimpse of the fact that we’re about to do something again that we’ve been doing our whole life, and we know that it has never brought an end to some punishing behavior. Perhaps we catch ourselves caught up in the familiar pattern of anxious rushing. We can actually feel ourselves getting ready to be moved along toward something that we thought would help us escape an unwanted moment, and we understand that it never has. Then we have the opportunity to make a new choice.

We can deliberately slow ourselves down in that moment when everything in us seems to be screaming, “Rush!” We make the conscious choice to find our life inside of us instead of forever looking for a way to fix it by struggling with conditions outside of us. 

Any time you choose to be an awake, inwardly centered person, you become conscious of yourself in a new way. For perhaps the first time, you’ll understand that anxious feelings have nothing to do with what didn’t get done, or with what “might happen,” but that their painful place dwells within a belief-packed self you’re living from that’s convinced you if you don’t answer the situation it says has caused your anxiety, you’ll end up losing something valuable. 

Change your perception of yourself by turning your attention around to where the real problem, and the real solution exists: within you. You must deliberately slow down so that everything about the false nature becomes obvious to you. In the moment that you see it, you are released from it, and you will know peace in a moment's freedom from the consciousness that produces the punishing condition.


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