It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Finally, How to Live Your Dreams: Become an Unstoppable Warrior for Your Life’s Work and Desires

Finally, How to Live Your Dreams: Become an Unstoppable Warrior for Your Life’s Work and Desires Finally, How to Live Your Dreams: Become an Unstoppable Warrior for Your Life’s Work and Desires

The question I hear most as a career/success coach is HOW do I live my dreams?

How can I take what I love and turn it into a living, an empire, or a sapphire on the crown of fame? But I know that it’s not the concrete tasks that will unleash a destiny. It’s not about “sensible” actions. It’s the love and drive of “irrational” desire. I don’t want my clients just taking actions. I want these precious souls to take inspired actions. Here’s my answer to HOW to live your dreams: It’s all about the mojo.

Indulge me, as I quote myself from Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! (and indulge me—as a proud mother– as I tell you the book hit #1 on for Career guides!!)

“Here’s what I know from coaching thousands of creative individuals and visionary entrepreneurs. It’s all about the mojo. The mojo unleashes the electricity that turns a light into an obliteration of darkness and an act of God. Wild success isn’t about going through the motions. It’s not even about staying in motion. This isn’t about your legs. It’s about the light in your eyes, the fire on your tongue, and the sweep of your heart. When you’re bouncing off the wall with voltage and star power, and as long as your hair looks good, nothing can withstand you for long.”

So how do you get that mojo—you ask. Clever you.
You are hoping for the trail map, so as to get somewhere. But as your new paradigm shape-shifting mentor, I want to help you to tap an inner fire and forget about chalky projections and guides.  I want you to burn with desire—and then conviction. A fire will take you places that a map never will.

You are not looking for information. You are craving transformation. 

Someone could tell you “how to do your dreams,” and your brain will nod with comfortable satisfaction, but you won’t change a single strand of hair on the head of your life. You’ll tuck the workbook into your desk drawer, and you will stay barren and unmoved.  Let’s face it. You’re not looking to bake a sheet cake.

You’re looking to find a way to burst with joy and, finally, feel as though you can breathe, maybe as you have never yet breathed in this lifetime.  You will only really breathe when you believe in the certainty of the life that calls to you— more than the life you know. Everything else is pain.

The Moment You Stop Questioning…is the Moment You Start Creating

When you allow yourself to believe in your desire, you will be an unstoppable force for your life’s work.  You will have your people, those who emerge from the wood work to support you and those who clamor to have what you offer. You will know what to do because you will stop doubting the internal promptings you receive.  Yes, I know it sounds like Shangri-La talk—but it’s more powerful than that.

For me, I could only breathe– when I was breathing fire.

I urge you to follow your desires as though they are decrees from a higher authority within you. I have come to know they are. This is not a career path—though, especially in these times, it is the most likely way you will ever succeed in a career.  This is your soul’s goal and the purpose of your life. You will discover who you really are– when you follow what you really want.

To believe in your desire, is to walk on holy ground.  The poet Rumi said, “Why would you be content to crawl, when you have been given wings?”  Your wings are made of trust.

If you don’t believe your desires can go somewhere, you show up in a faded suit, mumbling, wishing and sighing. You do not hypnotize the molecules around you, draw the cash right out of potential client’s hands, and lions do not nod in recognition. You do not blaze.

Can you imagine if Martin Luther King said “I have a dream,” and then said, “But I don’t know, do you think anyone would go for it? Is it realistic?”  What if he had listened to CNN or the crushing gospel of a small-minded relation instead of the pounding drum beat of his heart? He would not have had a thousand stars fall from his lips which changed the face of history. He would have not fulfilled his purpose.

I’ve worked with authors and interior designers and CEO’s of industry and the moment they stopped questioning what they wanted and whether or not they could have it—was the moment they started creating it. The doubt was gone. And suddenly they were available to a next step. There is a golden strand to follow at all times.  You will always find your way.

There’s Only One Step You Ever Need to Take and I Want You to Take It

I want you to practice feeding your desires instead of doubting or denying them. I want you to see what happens. I know you want the 5 easy steps to everything. But you don’t need the “steps,” when you’re moved.

There’s only one step you ever need to take and I want you to take it. Listen to your heart, follow your mojo. You’ve got a customized-one-stop-shopping-roll-out-the-red carpet-and-take-home-the-gold inspired success strategy within you. You have an alchemy that will alter every single circumstance and spin iron into silk. Let’s be real. There are no pre-packaged steps to a singular destiny. You have never been here before.

Your lifetime can be a regurgitation of the limitations of society. Or it can be an initiation into something creative, healing, and alive—for which you came. It’s your choice.

There is no Lack of Safety on this Path

You may think you’re walking into the unknown and that might seem terrifying. Yet there is nothing uncertain about this journey. There is no lack of safety. You are safer than you’ve ever been when you are following your truth. Can you imagine the excitement of finding out that your path is not uncertain and that it’s iron-clad and meticulously hand-crafted by a master life-smith?  This is the greatest discovery you can make in your lifetime. You have faculties that are infallible, no matter what is going on in the world.

You have a promise inside you.

You have an unstoppable love.

I just want to make sure you don’t stop it yourself.

This is what it means to be inspired and unstoppable.

I want you to know that you are called to give your greatest gifts to the planet, and to work in a way that feels true to you. There is a ticket in your bones, and I want you to cash it in.

I have lived my calling for over twenty years now, and I can tell you this. It’s never been about taking the right actions. My career success has always come from chasing heat. It’s always come from love. Love makes every action a right action.


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