Financial Fears: Claim your personal power & your dream job

dreamjob Financial Fears: Claim your personal power & your dream job

In my last blog, we talked about financial fears and conditioned belief systems. Did you take some time to visualize yourself in that future you desire? When it comes to a job, it can be scary to make a move. Even if we aren’t happy, we’re still getting that paycheck, right? Well, you can have both the joy and the paycheck. Let me share a story of someone who faced this job situation head on.

Someone close to me was in a good job. It was stable, income was decent, she liked most of the people she worked with, but her dream job posting had come to her attention. She found out that they were considering three people inside the company for the job. She would be the only outsider considered for the position. It would have been easy to give into her fears and do all that negative self-talk of the low odds of her actually being picked since she didn’t already work there or have any relationships with those she’d be interviewing with. Blah, blah, blah….. I told her that was a bunch of hogwash. If you believe it, then it will be true.” She felt like the underdog, she was younger, an outsider and she didn’t have as much experience.

I told her, “You need to turn the tables. You need to shift the energy of the interviewing process.” She looked at me like I had ten heads. “How do you turn the tables?” she asked. I said you need to interview them, not the other way around. She was not exactly sure what I was referring to. I told her it was about going through the interviewing process from a place of being their equal as opposed to being the beggar, the underdog. She needed to be clear as to who she is at this moment in time;

The job functions she would love to do day in and day out.

The type of people she wanted surround herself with, from her boss, to co-workers, and company culture.

Identifying how much travel would be acceptable.

What her ideal income would be. (Claim that number before getting an offer!)

Why go about it in the fashion? When you do, you maintain your personal power and you don’t turn it over to the other party. I had her write out all the details of her desired work life on a piece of paper. She sent it over to me and I began to blow holes in it. I see this all the time, the first time someone gives me their list, they are always general and very corporate in nature. Putting down what they think they should put down, instead of what they really want. They’ve usually dumbed down the list to be what’s “acceptable” to the masses to not offend or trying to be way too politically correct.

STOP IT!!! Don’t do that anymore people. We need to claim who we are today and don’t accept anything that isn’t in alignment with that. I told her that if she really claimed who she is and what she really wanted and they don’t give her the job offer, then it was the wrong job anyway. It would be a gift to find that out sooner than later. Why are we so afraid of that? It’s ok to not go to a job that isn’t your ideal world. Just like earlier this year, I chose to cancel my contract with Hay House to publish my second book because I was being treated like secondary citizen. Instead of continuing the feeling of being disempowered, I chose to leave and feel empowered again about my work in the world. You can do it too. You just have to muster up the energy and courage to do so.

In the end, she had to really dig deep, not be so corporate in her list she typed out. I suggested she make a final copy for each of the eight people interviewing her and get them a copy and have a copy herself. Why put on paper? Because then you won’t chicken out again…our nerves can really get the best of us sometimes, so put yourself in a position where there’s no turning back. Position yourself to be lucky to let your freak flag fly!!

She made it to the second round of interviews and had to do a presentation. She nailed it. Two days later, she was offered the job. The offer was for $20K more than she was making at her current job. I went after her again, why? Because when she wrote down her income number at the beginning of this process, the offer was for $10K less than what she thought she was worth. They also gave her less vacation days. I asked her, “Do you want to lose quality of life to work for this company?” She looked at me confused again. Another pattern I see often at this part of the process. I said, “If you choose to have less days off per year, then you are giving up your freedom. Do you want this?” Keep your power, overcome those fears that will creep up. I recommended she go back them and say, thank you for the job offer, but I require $10K more per year in salary, and ten more days off per year. This would give her five more than she had, so she would gain more quality of life.

She went back to the corporate giant. She did the deed. She was nervous as all get out. Before the end of the day, they called and said they could give her $7K more, which was $27K more than her current job, and they said she could work one day per week from home and gave her more days off. What I’ve learned through the years is that ACTION is the best way to work past your fears and solidify a new response system, which gives you a new reality. It’s the only way to do it. Why? Because along the way you are shifting your energy in the moment, despite the jitters, and that makes it a new you.

Are you ready to make a shift? Take these same steps to write our your dream job and ideal situation. Then you are that much closer to making it happen!

  "Julie is a powerful and unwavering advocate for personal and financial empowerment of all people. A bright light in her field, I believe that her work has the ability to transform millions. I'm honored to know her and to be able to call her my friend."      --PANACHE DESAI
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