Finding Faith When You’re Freaking Out: You Couldn’t Be More Loved

keepingfaith Finding Faith When You’re Freaking Out: You Couldn’t Be More Loved

When it comes to creating the work you love, it's all about learning to cultivate faith. I'd say having faith in your journey is more important than brushing your teeth. Then again, I do much of my work on the phone. "But how do I have faith when things don't work out?" my clients ask. "Where does Spirit go, when I'm freaking out?" I have a gazillion answers. But this month I want to tell you about a miracle I had years ago. I'm hoping it will nourish you and help you become the unstoppable agent of love that you are meant to be.

Years ago, I facilitated a workshop at a women's retreat held at an eco-resort in the breathtaking Mayan Riviera, in Mexico. I remember the moment I arrived. I stared at this remote beach of glittering aqua blue water and untouched white sand. I began to cry. The beauty stung me. It rattled me and stilled me. My travel sweat evaporated. I felt naked and robed at the same time, emptied and filled. And most of all, I felt very, very loved. I felt loved in that moment, loved in the past, and loved for all time—because that’s the nature of real love.

Before arriving, I'd had a week that had challenged my confidence and faith ten ways till Sunday. I felt weary inside, tired of giving myself constant pep talks just to function. Surely, other people know how to get through a day without questioning their entire existence, and, on top of that, wondering what really could have been, if only they had caught that 48 hour sale at Macy’s.

But standing in that hypnotic, warm water, recognizing that my inner voice had brought me here, I remember feeling, "I am always cared for." It just suddenly seemed logical. And then it was global and universal, too. I could not be this loved in this moment and forgotten in the next. The nature of this love was all encompassing. I realized, then, a truth that changed my life: Sacred love is consistent.

See, the Universe isn't like a rotten boyfriend who loses interest in you if, say, you gain some extra pounds or chins. Spirit never forgets your birthday or any day in which you exist. The love of the Universe is not fickle, narcissistic or dependent on you counting the exact right number of mala beads. 

Action Steps Anyone?  What can you do to deepen your walk of listening to yourself and nurturing yourself in this lifetime? Where are you being called to trust yourself? Have you read This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love and also Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!  Both, while talking about creating the work you love, are really about this Great Adventure of trusting an inner voice—and feeling beloved, over and over again, despite  self-doubts .

Grab a journal or write your answers on the blackboard of your heart.

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