It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Finding Your True Power Within

shadoweself Finding Your True Power Within
Stress is perpetually hindering progress. We need to constantly change and evolve. If we do not change, we stagnate. In this fast changing world,  it is essential that we keep moving forward, from time to time,  or we could say constantly. There are some major patterns which seem to be ruling our lives. It is a necessary requirement that the unhealthy patterns need to be discarded. It is an essential ingredient for changing your energy and shifting your consciousness. 


This pinnacle can only be reached through dramatic change. Stress is actually unhealthy energy.  We need to clear the old and unhealthy energy,  so that we make space for a newer vibration.

Two major types of release of energy are essential:

  • PHYSICAL:  This means mainly exercising the body so that you can release chronic tension.  Breathing deeply is one way,  massage also moves the energy and so does any kinds of muscle movement. 

  •  MENTAL:  Letting go of negative thoughts.  Emotional energy is dependent on thoughts. Mind sends signals to convey our beliefs. Negative self talk creates depression and fear and this in turn damages the personal energy field. 


Most people spend their entire lives, only reacting to thoughts.  We need to create new thoughts from a positive and aware perspective, if we want to change our life. 


This constantly shows a low self esteem. This is a frequency bringing in the consequences of rejection from the world around. Judgement on oneself, therefore is an issue. This drowns joyful energy, brings in dissatisfaction through unhappy scenarios and resists the joy you are capable of attracting and experiencing. 


By fretting about the future or what others think about you etc,  you create an energy of anxiety that moves into the world in clouds of agitation, creating a negative future. People pleasers have little faith in themselves. Brooding over the past destroys the energy of the present and the future.


You have to allow yourself to be aware consciously, of your power over yourself. Negative issues like manipulation or meanness may seem empowering momentarily, as they give a false sense of comfort. Eventually they will make you feel worse as they are harmful and toxic behaviors.


The power that you are constantly seeking from around you is actually alive within you. Your value is your shining vibration, intrinsic to you. It is time to deal with unhealthy patterns, created due to negative experiences in your life as a means of escape.  You have to figure how to handle this. 


It is time to fill the void with your own light. Stress only goes on the run when you move in to the new world with a lighter vibration. Addictions destroy your energy. 


When you indulge in destructive and addictive behaviors, and understand this fact, you need to create a system of replacement. The moment a negative thought appears in your mind,  you need to instantly replace it with a positive one. 

We give away our power to indulgence in our own material wants. We feel things will bring us happiness. True power comes from within.  No need for ceaseless worry. You need to just seek re assurance. Being happy and stress free is essential to us. 
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