Fly High With Your Own Inner Reality

Fly High With Your Own Inner Reality - Renee Singh
Ever since the New Year I have been bombarded with new ideas, new concepts and completely new ways of thought. The past two years have been periods of deep contemplation, new concentrated ideating, metamorphic changes in my personal thought process and tremendous transitioning. 

As we continue to believe that life is about constant change, and we keep growing and evolving, we begin to realize and understand that change is the only constant,  we just need to accept it. 

We all have a habit of arriving at a comfort zone and living in it. It seems the only natural way of being for us. We do not realize that a comfort zone is only stagnation. It is the journey of the spirit to grow and evolve and arrive in a better human space.  But the moment we step away from our comfort zone, stress begins to seep into our lives.  It is only our own capacity to handle and deal with our stress that determines our own happiness scale. Going up and down this scale determines our capacity to achieve and receive joy.  

The last two years have actually made us unwillingly and maybe unwittingly, step away from our comfort zones, to find new avenues of behavior. We have stretched our minds to allow them to seek newer patterns of thought. Even if we had convinced ourselves over the years of keeping ourselves in a truly joyful space with a certain set behavior, we have had to  renew our thinking in order to achieve happiness. 

From my own personal thought process, I would like to recommend certain ways of dealing with the subconscious in order to achieve joy in the present moment. 

Within the depths of the subconscious lies infinite wisdom and there is a constant supply of this wisdom. We need to harness this to our advantage.  

We need to be receptive to the wisdom of the subconscious.  We can harness new thoughts,  new discoveries,  new ideas,  new inventions etc through our open minds. 

We need to understand, realize and accept, that we have this miraculous power to lift people away from their broken state into making them whole, vital and strong once more. The mind can make you free to go and experience happiness, health and infinite joy, heal your troubled mind and broken heart. Open the door of your mind and liberate yourself from your self created bondage to taste the joy of true freedom. 

Once you have learned to accept this true reality, you can use this power to essentially create in your life, more health and happiness. 

Even in these unprecedented times,  do not allow your environment to give you stress of any type. 

Be in touch with the infinity of your own inner self.  Connect to the positivity of the Universe. 

Fly high with your own inner reality and create a beautiful world. 


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