It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Focus on the Goals of Life: Happiness and True Joy

focus Focus on the Goals of Life: Happiness and True Joy
We realize that stress takes over in our lives because we feel we have not been able to live our dreams. All of us in our childhood grow up with certain desires. We could even call them our dreams. Over the years disillusionment sets in as in trying to cope with our daily lives, we have not been able to maintain a correct balance, and we allow life's challenges to undermine our confidence and hit us below the belt. 

But we need to realize that our whole life is in our own hands. We can turn the wheel in any which way we want. Since our goal in life is happiness and true joy,  we need to keep our focus on this very goal and move forward in life accordingly. 


This is the obvious part of the achievement of any goal. So even if we know that we are moving towards our dreams, we need to guide our flow in the desired direction.

Most people leave this important step to chance. They have a vague notion of what they are seeking, and with a casual attitude and a lot of procrastination, they seem to sail through life. We need to realize that a conscious focus of energy is required.  


Your action plan is your mental map to your desired destination. Do not deviate from the path. If we are just planning constantly,  it is like a fool's daydream.  You need to actually involve yourself in each part of the process of reaching your goal.  


Self motivation is a very essential part of your journey towards a stress free life. That's why keeping your goal in the forefront is essential. 


You have to be mentally prepared to actively involve yourself in every step of the way towards achieving your own happiness. 


Most of us are powerful initiators,  yet lack the follow up to see their plans through. Every stage of your goal requires action. Ultimately only you are responsible for making your goal a reality. 


This is actually the hardest part of the plan towards a stress free and joyous existence. It's easy to give lip service to one's plans but consistent action is necessary to make your goals a reality. 


Your goal must be so important to you that you are able to prioritize. Having a lot of tasks on hand gives a feeling of urgency. For example if the laundry needs to be done,  but it is over and above your goal,  you need to prioritize here. 


You need to set aside a time to consistently work on what is of ultimate importance to you. Do not ever loose sight of your dream.  Too many distractions need to be ignored. 


Keeping Universal laws in mind is important. Every effort expands intention in the energetic realm. Doing something meaningful, something different or something that influences the lives of people in a positive manner is completely important. 


Set your priorities to reflect what is most important. It's important to take a daily action towards your dream. Most goals are long term.  Work slowly and steadily to reach there. 


Create specific intentions for your immediate goals within a long term timeline and then work on them. 


Writing what needs to be accomplished gives you a certain perspective. It inspires new energy and renewed determination. 


Make your daily routine keeping your personal energy patterns in mind. If your energy fizzles by afternoon, try and complete your important tasks before that time. 


This will keep you going on it. Repeatedly looking into the same idea gives you homing ground within. You just need to affirm it all and look forward to your own manifestation of a self created joyous life.
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