It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Four Ways To Find The Silver Lining

dreamy-hippie-girl-gives-thanks-picture-id970864210 Four Ways To Find The Silver Lining

While everyone knows you should be practicing gratitude on a daily basis, it can be difficult when times are tough. But it is during these challenging times that you most need to see the silver lining. This is a learned skill, and one that becomes much easier when you’re able to recognize the point where you’re at a crossroads. You can go left, and continue down the rabbit hole of negativity, perpetuating the energy that is surrounding your struggle, or you can go right, and break that cycle of negativity by consciously looking for the good that you know is there.

Here are four ways to discover the silver lining in any situation:

  1. What’s Going Right? – At a time when everything seems to be going wrong, ask yourself, “What’s going right?” By focusing on the positive things instead of concentrating on the negative, you’re sending out the message to the universe that you’re ready to stop the struggle, and accept grace and abundance into your life.
  2. No Appreciation Too Small– Discover – and give gratitude for – even the tiniest things in your life – those things that, at other times, may seem insignificant. Did you wake up today? Was your dog happy to see you after work? Are the clouds in the sky looking especially beautiful today? Give gratitude and see how your day/week/life changes!
  3. Give Love – One powerful way to actively show gratitude is by giving love unconditionally. Say hello and give a big smile to those you pass on the street. See how many well-deserved compliments you can dole out to those who might least expect it. If you suspect someone is having a hard time, ask them how you can help. All of these things take very little energy, but have an enormous impact on so many lives.
  4. That One Happy Person – Do you have one friend, neighbor, or colleague that just seems perpetually joyful? When times seem tough, make a point of spending time with that person. Joy and laughter can be infectious, and can help you realize that things aren’t so bad after all. This change in perspective can really help jolt you out of a negative mindset and into sharing the joy and laughter!


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