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From Anxiety to Personal Power: A Quantum Flip Perspective

young-woman-stands-on-boulder-holds-blanket-in-the-air-picture-id521996604 From Anxiety to Personal Power: A Quantum Flip Perspective

Heart racing; sweaty palms; shortness of breath and a knot in your stomach the size of a grapefruit. If you’ve experienced these sensations in your body, you’re most likely one of the millions who have been affected by anxiety disorder.

In our fast-paced society, anxiety affects a staggering number of adults. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 40 million adults in the United States are affected by anxiety alone. Approximately 65% of North Americans take prescription medication daily to help offset the disorder and of those, a reported 43% take mood altering prescriptions regularly.

With the effects of anxiety disorder rampant in our society, is medication the only option to alleviate the symptoms? When you look at anxiety through the lens of quantum science and energy medicine, the answer is “no.”

When we start to see anxiety as a natural energetic phenomenon in our bodies, we can begin to work with that energy and even begin use it to our advantage.


Everything is Energy, Even Anxiety

According to quantum science, everything in life is energy, including our physical bodies and the thoughts in our mind. Energy is meant to flow through the body constantly and anything that inhibits that energy flow creates resistance or friction.

When we withhold our personal power, lose touch with our sense of self-esteem, or experience a lack of confidence in the world, we aren’t processing our emotions or our experiences completely and fully.

This causes our energetic system to have a fluctuation of energy, a “train wreck” of sorts in the energy flow, that backs up in a particular area in our bodies. This typically occurs in the center of our core or stomach area causing a flutter or a vibration in this area of our body.

We call it anxiety, but what we’re actually experiencing is an attempt of this energy to break through and begin to flow again the way it’s naturally intended.


The Flow of Personal Power

When life presents situations that call us to step into our personal power, our energy center in the body begins to flutter and fluctuate and we interpret it as anxiousness. We call this feeling “anxiety.” Because of the negative connotation of this feeling, we stop what we’re doing, which stops the natural flow of energy. This, in turn, also stops the natural flow of our personal power.

For example, when you’re about to go in and ask your boss for a raise, or you’re about to go home and have a conversation with a loved one that is deeply meaningful to you but that may be slightly uncomfortable to talk about, you begin to feel this vibration and flutter in your stomach. Because we’re taught to associate this feeling with anxiousness, instead of having the conversation or asking your boss for a raise, you stay quiet. You refrain from doing what you intended to do because you don’t want to feel this “anxious” feeling.

What if, instead of being raised in a culture that negatively interpreted this fluctuation of energy in our core as “anxiety,” we were raised in a culture that knew everything, including all sensations in our bodies, was energy?

What if you were raised to believe that as soon as you feel this sensation in your stomach, you are actually supposed to lean into it as an opportunity for you to step into your power rather than try to run from it?


Slowing the Mind

Oftentimes we find it difficult to “lean into” this feeling because of the conditioning of our minds. Typically, we use our mind to constantly figure out who we are, what we should be doing and what’s next.  We are hyper-vigilant trying to figure out if we are safe, if we’re doing the right thing, if we’re a good person, etc.

The problem exists when the mind is looking externally, it starts to pick up a vibrational frequency that is so rapidly moving that we begin to feel untethered and we feel a vibration we interpret as “anxiety.”

 What we need in moments such as these, is to learn to slow down the mind.

We slow the mind by bringing the awareness back to the body to perceive a stabilizing sense of self deep within our core. When we can perceive a sense of self, we can perceive a sense of wholeness and from here, everything begins to settle. Once the energies settle, we begin to heal and can process things more completely. Rather than being locked in fight or flight mode, we let the energy flow and allow ourselves to step into our creativity.

When the mind slows down, we begin to feel this true, soulful essence that we are. This truth starts to rise, and we can perceive ourselves as grounded, whole, well, and as if we belong. This decreases the sensation of anxiety, and at the same time, increases a sense of self-esteem. The two come together.


Shifting Anxiety to Personal Power

So, the next time you feel that flutter in your stomach and feelings of anxiousness begin to rise, take several deep breaths into the core of your being and sense the grounded, stabilizing Self located at the center of your being.

Allow the flutter of energy to flow through your body and know it’s an opportunity for you to embrace your creativity and wisdom and step into your personal power.

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