At the corner of fear and forgiveness

At the corner of fear and forgiveness

Many have memories of fun-filled afternoons, family vacations, weekends loaded with laughter and wise knowledge being passed from an idealized parent.


What about the others?


The children who shy away from light because they are strangely comforted by the darkness.


How about all of the once innocent children, now struggling adults, who hide inside the shadows that dance along with their lives.


Not every childhood memory is warmly filled. Many are chilled with ice as sharp as knives. Pain that swallows them alive.


What about them?


Those that get denied and pushed aside. The ones that we choose not to see because it makes us uncomfortable or forces us to face our own darkness.


I fall into the category of those in the darkness. Or at least at one point, I did. My past has made several attempts to swallow me alive but for some reason, I fought. For some reason in spite of everyone against me and all who chose to turn their head; I still showed up. When shoved into the ground and with a muddy face, bruises, and scrapes, I stood tall.


How does one get through the torments of the past?


In life, there are multiple crossroads that we will face at some point in our lives. At these times in our life, the bulk of the pain has subsided but is still formidable. Where you may be able to function on most days but still have to work through the triggers. Or the pain is so increasingly overwhelming we simply can't seem to catch a breath of air. A place where the fear still remains and you see no end in sight.


You can choose to free yourself with forgiveness.


Here at the corner of Fear and Forgiveness lies your choice.


It sounds daunting and I'm not going to lie – it is just as terrifying as it sounds.


You can make forgiveness your stronghold.


But there are a few things to know:


Fear will strangle you until you have no breath left. It will feed on the energy you provide and intensify until it becomes all consuming. And it will all happen before you have even had the opportunity to look up for light. It can paralyze you and render you both speechless and motionless both figuratively and literally.


BUT Fear can be worked through, dealt with, and for lack of a better word – tamed.

It takes determination, work, and will feel like a relentless battle with energy. It will deplete you and beg you to quit. If you push through – there is light at the end of that dark encompassing tunnel.


Forgiveness is a tough pill to swallow. When we feel wronged we want to retaliate and harbor these intense feelings of anger, resentment, and often hate. All of which stem from the pain that we experienced as a result of (fill in the blank).


All of the negative energy that fills us as a result of a wrongdoing directly affects us so intensely that we often exude those harsh feeling onto others unintentionally.


Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. The pain leaves behind scars that are constant reminders of what you have overcome in this life. Instead, forgiveness allows you the power to release the extent to which these painful memories may grip. It helps remove you from the feelings associated with the circumstance/s of your past. Here, you can be set free of fear – maybe not entirely – but in a way where you now hold control. A forgiveness where you are actively choosing to release the power that another has had on you. Maybe it isn't a person but a situation that has had its grip on you. It works just the same.


Whatever your personal situation or past holds – you can regain the power. Even when the idea of this seems unattainable.


It is here at the corner of Fear and Forgiveness where you hold the power. The choice is yours!


How does fear manifest in your life and how do you take hold of that fear?

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