Ending the Pain and Fear

Ending the Pain and Fear Ending the Pain and Fear

Throughout your life you have had experiences that were painful. Those experiences made you first feel unsafe and when you feel unsafe fear arises. It is a natural reaction. You live with expectations that you will be loved, kept safe, be accepted and made to feel worthy, but there are people and circumstances that shake that belief. As a child maybe you were punished or spoken harshly to. Maybe you were made fun of by other children. Maybe as a teen you were rejected by a friend or embarrassed or you failed at something. As an adult you might have been cheated on or divorced. Maybe you lost a child or a spouse. Now the world doesn’t feel safe and loving.

These experiences created pain and that pain became personalized. You recreated yourself to be more loved, accepted and worthy. You hid the parts of you that were rejected by others or what you saw as your flaws. Your pain was the thorn that moved you from living in love to living in fear. It separated you from others because you felt you couldn’t be yourself, authentically, and still be loved. But most importantly the fear separated you from your Self.

The pain impressions within you are energetic blocks that shroud the true Self. They are what you hide away and refuse to look at and feel. This is why you distract yourself from feeling too deeply.

Resolution of pain, fear and separation require that you allow yourself to feel the pain and fear when they arise. No more distraction, avoidance or resistance. When you feel it accept it. It is part of you and shining the light of awareness and mindfulness upon it will allow that energy to be transformed into emotional release. The memory will remain but the emotion attached to it and the fear energetically attached to it will lessen as you allow this acceptance of it. Resistance will lock the old energy in and acceptance will allow it to be resolved and moved out. There is great power for transformation in mindful awareness and becoming aware with acceptance is a profound act on loving kindness toward yourself.

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